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Yoga Nidra - Yoga Relaxation

Yoga Nidra with Meditative Visualizations

Another way to augment the yoga nidra exercises is to incorporate visualization and mediation.

There are many different techniques you can use. One of the most effective is to concentrate on the flow of the breath. You can use the inward and outward flow of the breath to develop an awareness of an inner peace. With the in-breath you can imagine the peacefulness flowing into your being. With the outward breath, you can imagine your inner tension flowing out of you leaving your mind calm and relaxed like a deep, still lake, without a ripple.

Now dive deep into the center of this lake, deep within yourself, and experience your true nature.

Once you have mastered this awareness, you can plant a few intentions in your subconscious, using words such as "peace" and "freedom".

Visualizing images requires more practice and experience. Start with very simple images such as a clear blue sky, and slowly progress to more complex images such as a meadow and surrounding woods.

This is how Swami Shivapremananda, author of "Yoga for Stress Relief" describes the process:

"Visualize a clear blue sky, a symbol of the infinite spirit, of love and goodness, enveloping you.

Then an open field, with its light- green grass. It is your subconscious. 
In the distance, dark-green woods surround it. They are your unconscious. 
Imagine a gentle breeze, the universal energy, smoothing out the grass, all inner conflicts, and penetrating into the woods, ventilating the deep recesses of the unconscious, purifying and sublimating its nature.

Relax your mind, and remain detached for a while.

Now plant into your subconscious three intentions, which you can choose to suit you, such as:

bulletI should take things calmly and practice detachment.
bulletI should restrain impulsive reaction and hold my tongue.
bulletI should practice tolerance and patience.

Detach your mind after several minutes of deep relaxation. Now be aware of your body.

Slowly turn on one side and curl up in the fetal position, and rest for a few minutes. Then get up."

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