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How To Heal With Yoga

A summary of how some common disorders are treated by practitioners and medical institutions using yoga science. The poses are described in the section on asanas. Details of medical problems that can be treated by individual asanas are described under the asanas themselves.

Most of the following common disorders can be treated by Yoga combined with meditation and/or visualization. Before performing any of these posture, please be sure to perform relaxation and deep breathing exercises.

Other applications of yoga in healing is quantified under Yoga - Benefits.

Disorder Yoga Exercise Visualization/Affirmation
Asthma: Corpse Pose, Mountain, Complete Breath. Lung expansion, renewed strength.
Backache Corpse Pose, Locust, Knee to Chest. Fresh circulation to nourish back muscles.
Bronchitis Mountain, Locust.  
Cold Lion  
Constipation Bow, Corpse Pose, Knee to Chest (reinvigorates liver, spleen, intestines), Posterior Stretch, Uddiyana, Yoga Mudra Increased circulation to stimulate intestines.
Depression Yoga Mudra, Corpse Pose New energy from increased oxygen levels in the blood, pending new joyous activity.
Diabetes (not a cure!) Corpse Pose, Kneeling Pose. See healing energies of fresh circulation flow to pancreas
Emphysema Complete Breath, Locust, Grip Healing circulation to lungs.
Eyestrain Neck and Eye exercises. Absorb invisible energy from the air ("prana") into the eyes.
Flatulence Knee to Chest.  
Headache Corpse Pose, Neck and Eye Exercises, Shoulder Roll A summer blue sky. No thoughts.
Indigestion Corpse Pose, Mountain, Locust, Posterior Stretch, Cobra, Uddiyana  
Insomnia Corpse Pose, Mountain, Locust, Posterior Stretch, Cobra Blue sky. Enjoy the yoga. No thoughts.
Menstrual disorders Uddiyana, Cobra, Posterior Stretch.  
Neurasthenia Corpse Pose, Mountain, Posterior Stretch Energy-giving fresh circulation
Obesity Locust, Posterior Stretch, Cobra, Yoga Mudra, Bow, Sun, Salutation  
Prostate troubles Kneeling Pose.  
Rheumatism Mountain, Knee to Chest, Posterior Stretch The dispersal of waste matter causing stiffness at the joints.
Sciatica Knee to Chest, Grip, Kneeling Pose  
Sexual debility Uddiyana, Kneeling Pose, Complete Breath youthful vigor from fresh blood circulation
Sinus Neck and Eye Exercises, Corpse Pose.  
Skin diseases Sun Salutation A general physical tone-up, regulating and balancing any irregularity.
Sore throat Lion Constriction of blood vessels in the throat; the relaxation brings fresh circulation to sore area.
Wrinkles Yoga Mudra  

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