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 Weight Control 


Journaling for Weight Control

The power of writing is just being discovered by many people. It is very soothing. Psychologists recommends for a variety of conditions. For example, it has been proven to be very effective for stress management. It is a fun way to help us with our weight control efforts. 

Debbie Johnson, author of "Thinking Yourself Thin - The visualization technique that will make you lose weight without diet or exercise" recommends journaling as one of the techniques to "keep you thin."  She suggest that you pretend you are your greatest admirer, such as someone who could be your life mate, who adores you and thinks you are absolute perfection. This will really be the higher, inner you speaking.

"Use your personal journal to write a script of your loved one speaking to the new you: the person you will be after you have accomplished your goal. He/she tells you how wonderful you look, how glowing and healthy and slim (or what ever words you feel responsive to).

Your admirer goes on and on about your good qualities and how becoming your new image is. Go into detail about what you are wearing, and how well it fits and flatters your new figure. Comment on aspects of your body that have changed positively."

Now write a scene from the play of your day-to-day life. The play is set in your future. Here is a suggested script:

"You are wearing a dress or suit that is the size you would like to be. It fits perfectly and is the most flattering type of clothing you can think of for your body type. You are walk ing through a crowd of people, most of whom are your close friends, relatives, or business associates, at a warm gathering of some kind. People begin to recognize you, and as you pass by, they stop you and make comments such as, 

"My, I hardly recognize you! You are so much thinner!"
"Congratulations on your new figure!"
"How lovely/handsome you look in that new outfit."
"What did you do to get so slim?"

As you mingle, eyes turn admiringly, noticing your healthy, glowing shape. You feel wonderful. You have ac complished your goal and feel at peace with yourself Someone begins to talk about diets, calories, and how much weight they need to lose. You simply listen neutrally or turn your at tention to something else. You have absolutely no interest in the conversation because it doesn't apply to you. You are exactly how you want to be and you got there. The gathering goes on as people continue to shower you with compliments. You accept them with gracious thanks."

Debbie suggests that you rewrite the above script using the words "I am" instead of " you are." Add any personal details you choose to better describe the occasion, clothing, people present, comments, and the way you feel.

Involve all your senses as you write your "I" script. Smell the perfume and aftershave, taste the food or beverage, feel the warm touch of your friends, hear their laughter and the sincerity in their voices as they congratulate you. See the colors of the clothes, makeup, and furniture. Describe all this in writing, from the first-person, or "I," point of view. 
A final script may look like the following:

"I am walking on the beach, feeling slim and beautiful/ handsome. I feel people watching me as they notice how lean and lovely/ strong I am. I feel the warm sand move under my feet as I walk barefoot. The salty ocean air fills my nostrils. I breath deeply, loving the feeling of health and vigor. The waves roll in, their majestic sound enveloping me. I hear children playing and screaming with delight at finding shells or building castles. I am so happy to be alive in this moment and grateful for the new body I have. I feel more confident, healthy, vital, relaxed, and serene. I am at peace with my body and myself."

Read your "I" script daily before falling asleep or upon awakening. Post it on your bathroom mirror or on your refrigerator. Put a copy of it in your purse or wallet or briefcase.

Make a tape recording of your "I" script on an audiocassette. Add some soothing background music to the script that helps you relax. Tell yourself to relax and listen. 
The sound of your own voice is very influential upon the subconscious.

Debbie recommends that when you make the tape, replace any "I" with "you" in the script and remove any negative statements such as "I am not," or "You aren't." Be sure all your sentences create positive, firm, and accurate images to feed the subconscious.

Listen to your tape before falling asleep, while you're driving, or anytime you feel relaxed. The subconscious will be most receptive as you fall asleep. if you are awake, use your imagination to smell, see, feel, and hear the scene as much as possible. Close your eyes (not while driving!), and put yourself right there in the scene.

This technique that combines journaling, affirmations, self-hypnotism, and relaxation is very effective to accomplish your goals. It is especially powerful because you hear your own voice and your own reality.

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