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 Weight Control 


Enzyme Therapy for Obesity

Supplying food enzymes to predigest food in the stomach tends to normalize weight-provided you eat consciously and not out of habit. Enzyme therapy tends to provide the optimum weight. When taking food enzymes, fat people tend to lose weight and thin people tend to gain weight. The fat person will eat less because he or she is satisfied with less food. The thin person will be able to digest food, get more nourishment, feel better, and have an increased appetite.

The proper enzyme therapy depends on the cause of the condition and the individual circumstances. The following formulas are commonly used for weight problems.

Thera-zyme VSCLR: This is a multiple digestive formula indicated for people who have trouble losing weight, but also have other digestive problems such as sugar and protein intolerance.

Thera-zyme SmI: Indicated for people whose weight problem is due to candidiasis. The formula contains a special form of cellulase that digests pathogenic yeast; it also contains probiotics to provide friendly bacteria to the colon.

Thera-zyme TRMA: This is often prescribed for patients with a weak immune system. This is often true for person with candidiasis. It is most effective when combined with SmI and a whole foods diet low in refined sugars.

Thera-zyme IVD: This can help decrease a big appetite

Thyroid Support

Most people who are over (or under) weight have a sluggish thyroid. If this is true in your case, seek the advice of a health professional. Take only natural thyroid glandular extract. Do not use the popular synthetic synthroid.

Dietary Recommendations

Consume foods with fiber: Carrots are one of the best sources of fiber. Fiber helps cleanse the colon and remove bowel toxins.

Eat whole organic foods. Processed foods don't eliminate hunger. Eating smaller portions happens naturally when you substitute whole foods for their processed counterparts.

Use coconut oil: This oil is a thyroid-stimulating oil which helps balance thyroid function and also has antiseptic and immune-stimulating properties.
Caution: Coconut oil is believed to have saturated fat that can cause high cholesterol and CHD. However, some scientists dispute this and say that coconut oil does not increase cholesterol. Use under advisement.

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