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Popular Diet Plans

High Protein and Low Carbohydrate Diets

The premise of high-protein diets is that carbohydrates and insulin are the primary causes of weight gain. They claim that eating carbohydrates triggers the secretion of insulin, which causes cells to produce more fat, and hence obesity. Many scientists question this theory.

Some scientists vigorously state that, while carbohydrate does trigger the secretion of insulin, there is no research that demonstrates that this leads to obesity. Insulin does stimulate the production of fat. There is some research that suggests that carbohydrates cause people to be slim. For example, populations such as in China and Japan have very little obesity. These populations eat large amounts of carbohydrates (up to 78% of their calories) and remain slim for lifetimes. There is also metabolic research that indicates that metabolic rates increase when the proportion of carbohydrate in the diet is high. This research would suggest that carbohydrates should induce weight loss not weight gain. Also, foods that are high in protein, such as meats and cheeses, are also high in saturated fat, which are known to increase blood cholesterol levels if eaten in excess.

High protein diets have the reputation of being able to produce quick weight loss. However, many scientists suggest that most of the initial weight loss from protein diets is water rather than fat. People who manage to stay on a high-protein diet also lose weight because these diets restrict carbohydrate calories such as fruits, vegetables, grains and cereals, and legumes. By eliminating so many foods from your diet, you automatically reduce your calorie intake, resulting in a negative calorie balance and therefore weight loss. Unfortunately, you also reduce your intake of fiber and essential vitamins and minerals.

High-protein diets work. People lose lots of weight fast. Opponents say that the initial weight loss is mostly water. According to them, stored carbohydrate contains large amounts of water. Switching to a low carbohydrate diet results in the loss of these stores and the associated water, with an impressive initial weight loss.

Dieticians say that if the diet is low enough in carbohydrates (like the Atkins Diet) then the body goes into ketosis, causing suppression of the appetite. As a result you eat and suffer less. These diets simulate metabolic changes that take place during illness. Ketosis is a natural state that occurs when people are sick- a time when they shouldn't be gathering and preparing food, but rather recuperating.

Excessive protein in the body over time can cause damage to the kidneys. High-protein diets cause serious metabolic changes that lead to bone loss and kidney stones. 

Red meat, poultry, fish, shellfish and eggs are acidic in nature. Vegetable foods are alkaline by nature. The body strives to maintain its acid-base balance (pH) carefully so that all the pH-dependent biochemical reactions take place normally. High acidicity can cause biochemical reactions leading to bone loss, osteoporosis, and calcium based kidney stones.

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