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Weight Control Infocenter

Book Review:
"The Power of Your Metabolism" Losing Weight the Healthy Natural Way by Frank Suárez

by Dr. Jacob Mathew

What frustrates many people about controlling their weight is that they can be always dieting and on restricted diet; but it does not seem help. On the other hand, they see their friends maintaining their weight even when they seem to eat anything they want. So, there must be more to weight control than just dieting. Is that genetic or something else?

"The Power of Your Metabolism" by Frank Suárez isolates the factors that force so many people to always be dieting while others never gain weight no matter what they eat. Frank Suárez suggests that the answer lies in your metabolism. His book shows readers how to use their metabolism to lose weight, reduce body fat and keep it off. By improving a slow metabolism, the book says, you can eat what you want without feeling restricted and without the fear of gaining back the lost weight.

The book exposes the causes and solution to the slow metabolism behind weight problems and the obesity epidemic. Successful metabolism-boosting techniques for losing weight the healthy, natural way described in this book is used by tens-of-thousands, according to the author.

The book provides solutions and help for a slow metabolism, weight problems, obesity, diabetes and hypothyroidism.

In a recent interview, Moira Dolan, MD stated:

"Nearly 24 million Americans are diagnosed with diabetes, and an additional 57 million have abnormal blood sugars on their way to diabetes. This book gives those at risk for diabetes and diabetics the power to adjust their metabolism for the health and lifestyle they want."

Frank Suarez explains the principles of metabolism in such a way as to be immediately usable to the everyday non-medical person. The straightforward nutritional guidance is scientifically well-founded.

"My patients have remarked, 'I can do this,' and, 'It is realistic'. The first person I put on this program almost immediately lowered his insulin requirement by 2/3, and his blood sugars went from highs of 300-400 down to 120 or less. Another patient is well on her way to eliminating the need for medication altogether. Another patient got rid of her pre-diabetic state and continues to lose weight. This book gives a complete nutritional education, and allows a person to be on the right track for a lifetime, not on a diet. Anyone who can read and who eats will benefit from this book," Frank says.

Desiree Lotz, health and nutrition advisor and founder of her own vitamin manufacturing and distribution company, stated:

"The world is certainly not suffering from any scarcity of weight loss books, but as a nutritional researcher who has looked into just about everything, "The Power of Your Metabolism" really got my attention.

It was not only the statement that diets don’t work or the fact that I knew that metabolism is the key to weight loss. It is that the book includes so much that I already knew to be true, some things I did not know (amazingly), and it is so well organized into a step by step program that anyone can follow.

The book could have been accurately titled, 'Busting the Weight Loss Myths', and, from my point of view, it is not only a weight loss book, not only an 'increase your energy' book, it is also a book that gets to the basics of general health from many different angles.

I am not overweight, but I consider this book to be very valuable to me personally as an easy-to-follow general health and energy guide."

This book will be of interest to everyone not just overweight people or diabetics."

The book reveals several powerful secrets you can use to boost your metabolism and lose the weight you are struggling with. For example:

* It provides a practical definition of metabolism that you can use to learn more about eating and how your body works.

* It doesn't just give the scoop on what causes a slow metabolism (the books does tell about it), It will provide you solutions that will help you lose weight and keep it off for good.

* It provides you the vital information that you must have in order to lose weight. Like, "the most evident factor of a slow metabolism is the excessive use of sugars and refined carbohydrates." In fact, the difference between refined and natural (complex) carbohydrates; which fruits to avoid and which vegetables are good; several herbs that are useful in keeping your metabolism working in peak condition. It also tells what to drink and what to avoid, etc.

* The books helps you discover how to break the addictions and habits that are holding you bound to all that extra weight.

* Great practical tips. For example, how even the simplest thing, like drinking the right amount of water, can be your worst enemy or your greatest ally.

Here is something very interesting: The author says that in most cases people actually need to eat more not less!

To learn more about the book, go to ThePowerOfYourMetabolism.com

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