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 Dr. George Jacob
Heart Infocenter


Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)

Homeopathy for Heart Attack

Take only under the professional care of an experienced homeopath. We do not recommend homeopathic medicines when you suspect a heart attack. We recommend that you go to an emergency room immediately. However, these preparations may be useful if you do not have access to a hospital in the immediate vicinity.

Rhus tox: For recovery from heart attack, take Rhus tox every three hours for up to one week when the left arm still feels numb and weak.

Arnica - Useful for angina pectoris, when the pain is severe in the left arm, left elbow, in the region of the heart, when the pulse is feeble and irregular and there is distress in breathing. Administer immediately.

Cactus mother tincture: When the symptoms are those of a heart attack and not just those of angina pectoris, when there is suffocation, cold sweat, screaming pain, when the face turns blue. Give 10 drops in water, every 30 minutes till the condition stabilizes.

Camphor: In case of collapse with coldness of external surfaces, give Camphor mother tincture, 10 drops on sugar every 15 minutes .The victim should be made to smell Camphor drops on a clean cloth.

Glonoine mother tincture: In case of arterial spasm with pallor and blue skin with the pulse small and weary, when there is temporary loss of consciousness. Give Glonoine mother tincture, 15 drops in a teaspoon of water every few minutes.

Homeopathic First-aid Remedies for Heart Attack

These remedies

Aconitum napellus: Use when the patient has difficulty breathing, is anxious, but feels better sitting up.

Cactus grandiflorus: When the attack strikes between approximately noon and midnight, feels as if something is "squeezing" the heart or the pain is severe enough to make the patient cry, shout or whimper.

Digitalis: This remedy is indicated when symptoms include blue skin, numbness and weakness of the left arm, a slow pulse and great fear.

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