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Alternative Medicine for Tinnitus


Regular exercise that increases blood circulation to the head may help bring some relief from tinnitus. Try running, fast walking, swimming, biking, or some other aerobic activity. After beginning an exercise program you may experience a slight worsening of your tinnitus before you notice an improvement.

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Several times a day, hold the ears close to the head and use the thumbs and index fingers to massage the outer edges of both ears, including the earlobes. Or press and massage the area below the last two fingers on the palm of each hand, and/or the sole of each foot between the little toe and the middle toe.

For tinnitus with hearing impairment, press and massage the hollows behind both earlobes and the jawbone directly beneath the ears; and/or press on the gums behind the wisdom teeth with a pencil eraser, or bite down on a wad of cotton in the same location for several minutes. Do this once per day.

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Mind/Body Medicine

Self-hypnosis can be used to successfully 'turn off' the unwanted sound created by tinnitus for hours or even days at a time. A trained hypnotherapist may be able to teach you to adjust the volume of your tinnitus using an imaginary dial or other device. This form of hypnotherapy works only for people who are able to go into a moderately deep trance.


Reflexology can be used to get some relief from tinnitus. Work on the cervical spine and neck reflex points on your hands or feet. Then work the reflexes to the ears and eyes, located along the base of all toes except the big one. Now, work the points on the sides and bottoms of both big toes thoroughly, using whichever technique you find most comfortable.

Press the following points on both hands and feet for five minutes every four hours until the condition improves: 1, 9, 12, 52.

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Relaxation And Meditation

Some people are disturbed by ear noises only when they are fatigued or under pressure. Others find that stressful situations aggravate existing tinnitus and the affliction itself is stressful. Practicing deliberate relaxation may help alleviate tinnitus.

Relaxation and meditation techniques are particularly effective if used as part of a comprehensive treatment program that includes medication, broad-band noise generators, hearing aids and other therapies. Stress makes it harder for a person who has tinnitus to ignore the annoying ringing in his ears. Relaxation counteracts that.

Pick one of the relaxation techniques and practice it for at least 30 minutes a day for at least a week. Not all relaxation techniques work for everybody. So if, at the end of the week, the technique isn't working or your tinnitus seems worse, try another relaxation method or see your doctor.

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Tissue Salts

Take three tablets of 12X Kali. Sulph every 2 hours during the evening to relieve nighttime tinnitus.

Other tissue salts  that may useful include: 

Nat. Mur.- Use 3X or 6X potency, taken several times a day is helpful for humming or singing sounds.

Kali phosphorica - Use 12X every hour until the condition (buzzing and/or humming, or ringing after nervous exhaustion) improves and continue with ferrum phosphorica 6X and kali phosphorica 12X three times per day for two weeks. 

Ferr phos - Use 4 tablets under the tongue three times daily if the problem is due to blood pressure conditions and/or for noises like running water.

Mag phos - Use 4 tablets under the tongue three times daily if the sound is whizzing and ringing and hearing is limited.

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