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 Arthritis  Holistic-online.com


Most of the major homeopathic remedies are useful to treat arthritis. Homeopathic remedies to relieve immediate pain and joint stiffness may include Rhus toxicodendron or Bryonia. What remedy is selected depends on the symptoms. Some homeopathic remedies include:

Aconitum: 3X, every hour in rheumatic subjects with fever, restlessness, anxiety. 

Actea spic - The arthritis is centered in the hands and feet. Joints are painful and swollen.

Apis mellifica: 3X for much swelling, little pain.

Arctium: 6X, every four hours for pain in joints, colalgia, neuralgia. 

Arnica montana - The person is in denial. Denies that anything is wrong and prefers to be left alone. Is nervous and overly sensitive. The person may be suffering from rheumatoid arthritis related to cold, damp conditions. Soreness and bruising are problems.

Belladonna - The pain strikes suddenly. The person does not like stimulus of any kind. The afflicted joints are swollen and red. The pain is "sharp" and related to chills or getting wet.

Berberis vulgaris: 1X, every four hours for chronic synovitis of the knee. 

Bryonia alba: 3X for pain worse with movement, part sensitive to touch. 

Calcarea carlionica-ostrearum - The person is fearful and confused. Suffers from rheumatoid arthritis affecting the shoulders and upper back, which is made worse with wet or damp conditions.

Chamomilla - Useful when the person is angry and restless. The pain is severe.

Cimicifuga racemosa - The person is overly talkative and restless, appearing to be alternately happy and miserable. The pain appears more in the muscles than in the bones.

Dulcamarta: 3, hourly for subacute rheumatism due to cold and wetness. 

Hepar sulphurls calcareum: 6, four d when suppuration has taken place.

Kalmia latifolia: 3 T 3h for acute nonfebrile rheumatism with migratory pains.

Mercurius: 12, every two hours for pain and swelling of joints, worse at night, profuse sweat, pericardial complications. 

Mercurius sulphuricus: 6, every four hours for rheumatic synovitis.

Pulsatilla nigricans: 3X, every hour in women and children with pain worse by heat, better by cold. 

Rhus toxicodendron - The person is apprehensive and depressed, particularly at night. Lack of movement causes pain and stiffness. F

Sulphuricum: 1-30, every two hours when the pains are worse at night, by warmth. 

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