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Important Information about Links

The listing of links that may be of interest to our visitors are provided as a courtesy. Holisticonline.com does not have any control over the information provided in these websites. Please use your judgment when evaluating information provided in these sites.

General Health Directory/Search Engines

Aculinks WWW Directory.
A searchable directory of over 500 acupuncture and TCM links. The websites listed in this directory do not include any miracle cures or mass marketing of products that espouse TCM concepts that have nothing to do with TCM, acupuncture, or medical acupuncture. Websites are included because of superior content and presentation.

Dermatlas (http://www.dermatlas.com)
The Dermatlas is an international collaborative project that enables health care professionals, parents, and patients to access high quality dermatology images on the World Wide Web. An online Dermatology Quiz allows trainees to test their diagnostic skills. The Dermatlas is compiled, reviewed, scored and updated by physicians of the Johns Hopkins University. It has more than 2186 clinical and histological images.

Bestoftheweb.com - A better search engine. Find why more and more Internet users are making BestoftheWeb their new search engine.

Internet Health Library Internet Health Library- Search engine for health resource on the net.

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Alternative Medicine Related Websites

Nutrition for your mind, body and health. Wonderful information about nutrition, health, inspirational reading, recipes for healthy foods, beauty tips, and more.

A great resource for information relating to acupuncture

Offers a unique reference point to help you to learn more about alternative medicine. The features and articles are written by professional journalists and experts - who have a particular interest, or a background in alternative medicine.

NLP Weekly - Free online magazine featuring articles and techniques about the practical uses of Hypnosis and NLP. 

Information on cold sores including information on how to get rid of cold sores, treatment, remedies, relief, symptoms, prevention, outbreak, cream, herpes, and causes of cold sores.

Enhanced Healing Through Relaxation Music:  Relaxation music, positive affirmations and online counseling for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting health, wellness and healing and improving self-esteem.

Sauna Resources and Directory

Information on Massage Related Resources

Goji Juice, The Health Secret of the Himalayas, Helps prevent Premature aging and Promotes Good Health.

www.dreddyclinic.com Dr. Eddys Integrated Medical Clinic & Ayurveda School
A unique healthcare facility, combining the strengths and knowledge of both traditional western and alternative medicine in a holistic manner. 

Information about sciatica including answer to what is sciatica, plus information on sciatica symptoms, sciatica pain, sciatica treatment, sciatica relief, sciatica and physical therapy, injections for sciatica, sciatica exercises, sciatica nerve, and sciatica and pregnancy.

Natural anti-aging and skin care products that solve your toughest skin care problems!


Natural remedy to treat an enlarged prostate (bph) and prostatitis.

Prostate Health Directory: Find news, articles, and resources related to prostate cancer, prostate enlargement (BPH) and prostatitis.

Health and Wellness Living - Lifestyle, Fitness, Nutrition, and Technology. Information ranges from fitness and nutrition to mental and spiritual topics. Products and technologies that improve your personal wellness. Natural and holistic therapies. Yoga. Women's health. Nutrition. etc.

Herbalife Easy Weight Loss Diets. Distributor of Herbalife products for healthy living, weight management, nutrition, personal care, beauty and more. 

Products and Services designed to help you in your quest for alternative, holistic, and Chinese therapies and resources for the body mind and spirit.

Kundalini Yoga
Kundalini Yoga site developed by Gururattan K. Khalsa Ph.D. Has free Online Course.

A Virtual Wellness Center (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) of Mobile Alternative Therapy Services. 

Yoga Technology
Kundalini Yoga. Practical books by Gururattan K. Khalsa Ph.D. Free weekly KY set & and meditation.

Official site of the depression wellness network.

Vedic Astrology 
Interactive web site with free Vedic Astrology charts and interpretations. Vedic Astrology is the science of ancient India that reveals your past, present and future. This site brings you cutting edge technology for creating your Vedic Astrology horoscope, interpretive reports, and other services.

DC Nutrition Website
Provides factual info on nutritional supplements. Provides scientific information about why we all need to include supplements in our daily intake, not only for prevention of disease, but also to maintain optimal health.  

A prospective student resource and guide to massage therapy schools and schools of chiropractic, acupuncture, naturopathy, herbal medicine, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and more.

HealingTouch Website
Provides classes and sessions of alternative medicine...reiki massage, healing touch, therapeutic touch, chakra balancing, and self healing.

Lists various objects purified by rituals for fulfillment of your desires by means of mystic worship and spell. Claims that these objects impart spiritual power to the devotee.

A web-resource on fitness, nutrition and health with information about mind-body techniques to achieve peak performance and overcome stress and depression. 

Yoga-Cise is a unique combination of gentle yoga plus modern-day stress-relief techniques.

SoHo Shiatsu; Zen Shiatsu. Relaxing, restoring, revitalizing... Experience an effective bodywork technique to relieve aches, tension and fatigue. Absolutely non-invasive therapy. Treats back pain, insomnia, depression, sciatica, migraines, sports injuries, menstrual problems and more.

Spiritual/alternative healing site developed by a graduate classical homoeopath/naturopath and reiki master. Explains bigger truths in simple words. Currently has information about tarot, homoeopathy, Bach flower remedies and magick, on which subjects more information will be added on a regular basis.

A place to learn basic anatomy and how to apply that knowledge practically to find the way out of chronic pain. A series of nine classes systematically takes the student through every part of their body and teaches them how to restructure themselves to improve their relationship with gravity. Other items covered are: non surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, and connective tissue facelifts.

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Alternative Medicine Providers

Holisticonline.com Preferred Provider Directory
A directory of select providers from around the world. We are not trying to be the largest directory. We list only the best that meets our stringent standards - those that provide the best care. If you want to see whether your firm qualifies for listing in the website, please register at www.wholisticonline.com/register/ (Please be patient. Since each application is reviewed personally, it may take up to 2 months to be listed in the directory.)

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A great website that offers unique gift ideas that enhances your health. Gemstone jewelry and loose gemstones are useful for gem and color therapy. These unique products are offered at great discount.

Grandmas Remedies
A great resource for getting doctor recommended quality vitamins, supplements, herbal and natural remedies. All products are carefully selected and have quality control equaling or exceeding pharmaceutical manufacturing conditions.

Pure organic chunky soap, shea butter, rhassoul body care and more! 

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