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Cancer Research News

We will try to provide abstracts of important news from the world of cancer research here.

Breaking News: Abstracts of News of Interest

Survey Finds Perceived Risk of Recurrence is Low in African American Breast Cancer Survivors (Feb 2007)

Shortening Chromosomes Cause for Earlier Cancer Onset in Families with Rare Syndrome (Feb 2007)

Active Lifestyle Reduces Risk of Invasive Breast Cancer (Feb. 2007)

Study Finds Flaws in Cancer Clinical Trials (Feb 2007)

Peptide Vaccine Fights Off Breast Tumors with Aid of Bacteria-Mimicking Agents (Feb 2007)

Scientists Identify Pancreatic Cancer Stem Cells (Feb 2007)

Simple Diagnostic Test Detects Genetic Signs of Lung Cancer in a Patientís Sputum (Jan 2007)

Selective Marker Found to Indicate Aggressive Form of Breast Cancer (Jan 2007)

Pair of MicroRNA Molecules Controls Major Oncogene in Most Common Leukemia (Dec 2006)

Researchers Find Two Biomarkers with Potential to Predict Breast Cancer Spread (Dec 2006)

Smokers Who Cut Back on Cigarettes May Negate Benefit through Compensatory Smoking (Dec 2006)

Exercise Can Reduce a Smoker's Lung Cancer Risk, but Quitting Smoking Is Still Most Important (Dec 2006)

Successful Lung Cancer Surgery Not Enough to Break Nicotine Dependence in Many Smokers (Dec 2006)

Aspirin Can Lower the Risk of Colon Cancer (April 2002)

Birth Control Pills May Hike Cervical Cancer Risk (March 2002)

Study Finds Arimidex Better Than Tamoxifen in Barring Tumors in Healthy Breast (March 2002)

Activity Could Lower Breast Cancer Risk - October 2001

Obesity, Lack Of Exercise Increase Pancreatic Cancer Risk - (August 2001)

The Role of Red Meat in Prostate Cancer (August 1998)

Research Suggest that Vitamin E Wards off Prostate Cancer (March 1998)

Prostate Cancer Weapons Gain Power (January 1998)

Hair Test for Breast Cancer (March 1999)

Molecular understanding of prostate cancer could reveal a cure (March 1999)

Expanding The Therapeutic Potential Of Bone Marrow Transplantation (March 1999)

Second Protein Discovered To Target Her-2/Neu Cancers (February 2000)

Anti-CD47 combats chronic lymphocytic leukemia (November 1999)

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