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Diagnostic Test for Prakruti

Determining Your Prakruti - Test 1 - Part 3

This test will determine your Ayurvedic Dosha based on the answers you supply. Each set of questions has three options. You should select the best option that describes you. You can only select one out of the three. To select an item, click on the button to the left of the selection. If you want to choose another selection, click on that button. (The latest selection only counts.)

After you complete the questionnaire, click on the button marked Done.


  1. Compared to others of my height, I have
    Smaller bones
    Average size bones
    Larger bones
  2. My height is
    Above to below average
    Average to tall
  3. My muscles are
    Wiry, undeveloped
    Moderately developed
    Solid, stocky, well developed
  4. My weight is
    Below average, I lose weight easily
    Medium, able to lose or gain weight
    Above average, I gain weight easily

  5. Most of my fat is located
    Around my waist
    Evenly over my body
    Around the hips and thighs
  6. My skin is
    Dry, flaky, thin, rough, cool to touch
    Delicate, sensitive, with freckles or moles, warm to touch, glowing
    Oily, thick, smooth, soft to touch
  7. My complexion (compared with others of my race) is
    More reddish, freckled, or yellowish
    Lighter or pale
  8. My hair is
    Dry, brittle, thin, coarse, brown, black
    Fine and straight, blond, red, graying early or balding
    Oily, thick, luxuriant, wavy or curly, dark brown, black
  9. My eyebrows are
    Thin, dry, and firm
    Thick, large, firm, bushy, oily
  10. My eyes are
    Small, nervous, dry, black or brown
    Sharp, bright, sensitive to light, gray or green, with a penetrating gaze
    Big, calm, blue, with a loving gaze
  11. My teeth are
    Big, crooked or protruding, with thin receding gums
    Medium-sized, yellowish and soft, with tender gums
    Strong and white with healthy gums
  12. My nose is
    Uneven in shape, small, thin
    Long and pointed
    Short, rounded, thick, oily
  13. My lips are
    Dry, thin, dark
    Soft, pink, red, or yellowish
    Oily and smooth, large, thick and firm, pale
  14. My veins are
    Somewhat visible
    Not visible
  15. My shoulders are
    Narrow and slope downward
    Broad, firm, developed

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