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Diagnostic Test for Prakruti

Determining Your Prakruti - Test 1 - Part 2

Each set of questions has three options. You should select the best option that describes you. You can only select one out of the three. To select an item, click on the button to the left of the selection. If you want to choose another selection, click on that button. (The latest selection only counts.)

After you complete the questionnaire, click on the button marked Done.


  1. When making decisions I am
    Quick and decisive
  2. Emotionally, I
    Worry, am anxious, moody, and emotional
    Get angry and irritated easily
    Stay calm, complacent, get angry slowly
  3. I love
    Traveling, art, esoteric subjects
    Sports, politics, luxury
    Good food
  4. The pace of my activity is
    Medium speed, intense
    Slow, steady
  5. When threatened, I become
    Fearful, anxious
    Angry, irritable, fights
    Indifferent, withdraws
  6. My taste preference is:
    Oily, heavy, sweet, soupy, salty, sour
    Medium, light, sweet, warm, bitter, astringent
    Dry, light, low-fat, sweet, pungent
  7. My mental tendencies are:
    Questions, theorizes
    Judgmental or artistic
    Stable, and logical
  8. My pulse can be described as
    Thready, slithering
    Moderate, jumping
    Slow and graceful
  9. My resting pulse rate is:
    Women: 80-100, Men: 70-80
    Women: 70-80, Men: 60-70
    Women: 60-70, Men: 50-60
  10. I generally eat
    Moderately fast
  11. My sleep is most often
    Interrupted, light
    Sound, moderate
    Deep, long. I am slow to waken.
  12. I am most sensitive to
    Bright light
    Strong odors
  13. My way of learning is
    To learn quickly. I enjoy more than one thing at a time. I can lose focus.
    To focus sharply, discriminate. I finish what I start.
    To take my time. I tend to be methodical.
  14. I learn new material best by
    Listening to a speaker
    Reading or using visual aids
    Associating it with another memory
  15. If there was one trait to best describe me, it would be
    Vivacious (lively, active, spirited and full of life)
  16. Regarding my relationships, I
    Easily adapt to different kinds of people
    Often choose friends on the basis of their values
    Am slow to make new friends but am forever loyal.
  17. My family and friends might prefer me to be more

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