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Here are some of the common characteristics of people who have a predominantly Kapha constitution.
bulletEasygoing, relaxed, slow-paced
bulletAffectionate and loving
bulletForgiving, compassionate, nonjudgmental nature Stable and reliable; faithful
bulletPhysically strong and with a sturdy, heavier build
bulletHave the most energy of all constitutions, but it is steady and enduring, not explosive
bulletSlow moving and graceful
bulletSlow speech, reflecting a deliberate thought process
bulletSlower to learn, but never forgets; outstanding long-term memory
bulletSoft hair and skin; tendency to have large "soft" eyes and a low, soft voice
bulletTend toward being overweight; may also suffer from sluggish digestion
bulletProne to heavy, oppressive depressions
bulletMore self-sufficient, need less outward stimulation than do the other types A mild, gentle, and essentially undemanding approach to life
bulletSexually Kaphas are the slowest to be aroused, but they also have the most endurance
bulletExcellent health, strong resistance to disease
bulletSlow to anger; strive to maintain harmony and peace in their surroundings
bulletNot easily upset and can be a point of stability for others
bulletTend to be possessive and hold on to things, people, money; good savers. Don't like cold, damp weather
bulletPhysical problems include colds and congestion, sinus headaches, respiratory problems including asthma and wheezing, hay fever, allergies, and atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

Physical Features

People of kapha constitution have well-developed bodies. There is, however, a strong tendency for these individuals to carry excess weight. Their chests are expanded and broad. The veins and tendons of kapha people are not obvious because of their thick skin and their muscle development is good. The bones are not prominent.

Their complexions are fair and bright. The skin is soft, lustrous and oily, it is also cold and pale. The hair is thick, dark, soft and wavy. The eyes are dense and black or blue: the white of the eye is generally very white, large and attractive.

Physiologically, kapha people have regular appetites. Due to slow digestion, they tend to consume less food. They crave pungent, bitter and astringent foods. Stools are soft and may be pale in color: evacuation is slow. Their perspiration is moderate. Sleep is sound and prolonged. There is a strong vital capacity evidenced by good stamina, and kapha people are generally healthy, happy and peaceful.

Psychologically, they tend to be tolerant, calm, forgiving and loving: however, they also exhibit traits of greed, attachment, envy and possessiveness. Their comprehension is slow but definite: once they understand something, that knowledge is retained.

Kapha people tend to be wealthy. They earn money and are good at holding on to it.

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Ayurveda Home | Holistic-online.com Home | Yoga | Meditation | Stress

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