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Yoga Nidra - Yoga Relaxation

Yoga-Nidra ("Yoga sleep"), is an expression widely used to denote the highest state of consciousness. Although yoga nidra means yogic sleep, it is actually a wakeful state of deep introversion. Some contemporary Yoga authorities employ the phrase yoga-nidra to designate a state of deep relaxation. In the initial stages, the process involves relaxing the body, part by part, and harmonizing the mind. In this aspect, it has some similarity with the progressive relaxation of Jacobson. Yoga nidra, however, is an inner awareness, a movement of consciousness, rather than a deliberate auto-suggestion. You cannot relax by trying to relax. You need to feel relaxed. Yogis also believe that you cannot relax your body unless your mind is relaxed. So, yoga yoga relaxation is a complete package that involves relaxing the mind, body and spirit. 

After relaxing your body and calming your mind, you can plant a few intentions, sankalpas, or assertions in your subconscious, before detaching your mind and experiencing the final stage of deep relaxation. Yoga nidra goes well with visualizations and meditation.

From the Yogic viewpoint the body and the mind ( together with the emotions) are so interrelated that they are actually inseparable. The mind is not simply the thinking process relegated to the brain but is the sum total of the intelligence which permeates every atom of the physical and subtle organisms. Whatever affects the body must influence the mind and vice-versa. Since the mind is present throughout the body and permeates its every atom, the Yoga techniques which we perform to stretch, strengthen and otherwise improve and develop the body must have a correspondingly profound effect on the mind and the emotions.

There is nothing more effective for achieving a natural quieting, relaxing and stabilizing of the mind and emotions than the simple Yoga body stretches and breathing techniques! The beauty of this method is that you need only try these exercises for several minutes to experience the immediate results. There is no auto-suggestion, no self-hypnosis. You do not have to be "conditioned" to the method. You do not even have to believe or have faith in this theory. All that is necessary is that you correctly and seriously do the physical techniques exactly as described. The results speak for themselves.

And working with these techniques is both easy and highly enjoyable so that they are suitable for all persons regardless of the type of tension or disturbance. Even those disturbances of a highly serious nature which are being treated by a psychologist or psychiatrist will respond more readily when the patient is able to effect a receptive state through physical and mental relaxation. In the years to come, the practice of the Yoga postures and breathing exercises could become an important aid in psychotherapy.

R. L. Hittleman: "Be Young With Yoga"

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