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LIST OF POSTURES (English-Sanskrit)

Find the Sanskrit name from the English equivalent of the most popular asanas (postures):

English Name Sanskrit Name
The Abdominal Posture Nauli
The Abdominal Posture Uddiyana
The Adamantine Posture (see Thunderbolt Posture)
The Adept's Posture Siddhasana
The All-members Posture Sarvangasana
The Aloft Lotus Posture Urdhva-padmasana
The Auspicious Posture Bhadrasana
The Auspicious Posture Svastikasana
The Back-stretching Posture Paschimottanasana
The Balance Posture Tolangulasana
The Balancing Posture Padangushtanasana
The Banyan Tree Posture Vatyasana
The Boat Posture Navasana
The Bound Abdominal Posture Uddiyana Bandha
The Bound Lotus Posture Bandha Padmasana
The Bow Posture Dhanurasana
The Camel Posture Ustrasana
The Candle Posture (see Shoulderstand Posture)
The Chin Lock Jalandhara Bandba
The Circle Posture Chakrasana
The Clubfoot Posture Khandapitasana
The Cobra Posture Bhujangasana
The Cock Posture Kukkutasana
The Contracted Posture Samkatasana
The Corpse Posture Savasana
The Cow face Posture Gomukhasana
The Cowherd Posture Gorakshasana
The Crane Posture Bakasana
The Crippled Posture Khandapitasana
The Crocodile Posture Makarasana
The Crow Posture Kakasana
The Dangerous Posture Samkatasana
The Difficult Posture Utkatasana
The Dolphin Posture Makarasana
The Eagle Posture Garudasana
The Ear-covering Posture Kamapitasana
The Easy Posture Sukhasana
The Elevated Lotus Posture Utthita Padmasana
The Equal Posture Samasana
The Erect-standing Posture Puma Padasana
The Feet-and-Hands Posture Padahastasana
The Firm (Side) Posture Dradhasana
The Fish Posture Matsyasana
The Fetus Posture Garbbasana
The Foot Posture Padasana
The Free (Freed) Posture Muktasana
The Frog Posture Mandukasana
The Full-circle Posture Puma Chakrasana
The Full-plough Posture Puma Halasana
The Gentle Posture Bhadrasana
The Goatherd Posture Gorakshasana
The Half-aloft Lotus Posture Ardha-urdhva-padmasana
The Half-circle Posture Ardha-chakrasana
The Half-cobra Posture Ardha-bhujangasana
The Half-locust Posture Ardha-salabhasana
The Half-lotus Posture Ardha-padmasana
The Half-moon Posture Ardha-chandrasana
The Half-plough Posture Ardha-halasana
The Half-spinal-twist Posture Ardha-Matsyendrasana
The Half-tortoise Posture Ardha-kurmasana
The Hand-foot-stretching Posture Hastapadangustasana
The Hazardous Posture Utkatasana
The Headstand Half-lotus Posture Sirsha-ardha-padmasana
The Headstand Lotus Posture Sirsha-padmasana
The Headstand Posture Sirshasana
The Headstand Thunderbolt Posture Sirsha-vajrasana
The Hero Posture Virasana
The Hidden Posture Guptasana
The Leg-split Posture Anjaneyasana
The Lion Posture Simhasana
The Locust Posture Salabhasana
The Lotus Posture Padmasana
Matsyendra's Posture Matsyendrasana
The Modified Bound Lotus Posture Ardha-bandhapadmasana
The Most Relaxed Posture Savasana
The Mountain Posture Parvatasana
Nataraja's Posture Natarajasana
The Noose Posture Pasini Mudra
The One-foot Posture Eka-padasana
The Peacock Posture Mayurasana
The Peacock Lotus Posture Mayura-padmasana
The Perfect (Perfected) Posture Siddhasana
The Plough Posture Halasana
The Pole Posture (see Headstand Posture)
The Prayer Posture Prarthanasana
The Prone Posture Advasana
The Prone Fish Posture Adva-matsyasana
The Prone Half-lotus Posture Adva-ardha-padmasana
The Prosperous Posture Svastikasana
The Raised-feet Posture Uttana Padasana
The Raised-tortoise Posture Utthita-kurmasana
The Scorpion Posture Vrichikasana
The Semi-supine Posture Adhva-savasana
The Serpent Posture Bhujangasana
The Shoulderstand Posture Sarvangasana
The Shoulderstand Half-lotus Posture Sarvanga-ardha-padmasana
The Shoulderstand Lotus Posture Sarvanga-padmasana
The Shoulderstand Thunderbolt Posture Sarvanga- vajrasana
The Side Pose (see Firm Pose)
The Sleeping Thunderbolt Posture Supta-vajrasana
The Snake Posture Bhuiangasana
The Spinal-twist Posture Matsyendrasana
The Stable Posture Sthasana
The Standing Back-stretching Posture Sthitapaschimottanasana
The Standing Upright Posture Sthitasana
The Stick Posture Yastikasana
The Stomach Exercise Nauli
The Sun Worship Series Surya Namaskar
The Supine Posture Savasana
The Supine Half-lotus Posture Supta-ardha-padmasana
The Supine Lotus Posture Supta-padmasana
The Supine Thunderbolt Posture Supta-vairasana
The Swinging Posture Lolasana
The Symmetrical Posture Samasana
The Thunderbolt Posture Vajrasana
The Topsy-turvy Posture Sirshasana
The Tortoise Posture Kurmasana
The Tree Posture Vrikshasana
The Triangle Posture Trikonasana
The Twisting Posture Vakrasana
The Upside-down Tortoise Posture Uttana-kurmasana
The Wheel Posture Chakrasana
The Whole-body Posture Sarvangasana
The Wind-relieving Posture Pavanmuktasana
The Yoga Posture Yogasana,Yoga Mudra

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