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Makko-Ho Exercises

Makko-Ho, is a daily five-step routine that takes five to ten minutes and is good for beginners. When people do this on a regular basis, everything seems to function much better. It helps relieve stress, and people feels that they have more energy.

It is important to remember, when practicing the Makko-Ho exercises, that what matters is the action of beginning the stretch, not how far you can stretch. If you can only lean back onto your palms, simply hold that position and stretch, breathe and relax. The more you practice, the easier the positions will become.

There are six stretching exercises, each of which affects one pair of the meridians by stimulating its flow of energy. If the complete set of exercises is performed, all the body's meridians will have been stimulated in turn, which should result in increased vigor and an absence of tiredness. Before beginning the exercises, you should feel calm and relaxed. It may prove beneficial to perform some abdominal breathing first. (Refer to our section of yoga breathing exercises. If possible, use breathing with visualization of qi.)

One example of Makko-ho exercise is the triple heater and heart governor meridian stretch.
bulletSit on the ground with either the feet together or crossed. The right hand should grasp the left knee and the left hand the right knee, both quite firmly.
bulletInhale and, as you exhale, lean forwards and downwards with the top half of the body so that the knees are pushed apart.
bulletHold this position for approximately 30 seconds while breathing normally, and then, after inhaling, return to the upright position.
bulletAfter completion of all exercises, lie flat on the ground for several minutes and relax.

For recommendations of other appropriate exercises, please refer to the section on yoga.

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