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Weight Control Infocenter in Holisticonline.com

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Fifty-five percent of Americans are overweight, and 20 percent of them are considered obese, meaning that they have a body-mass index (weight to height ratio) of 30 or higher. The prevalence of obesity in the country has increased by about 50 percent in the past decade. Similar trends have been reported in other developed countries too. Obesity can increase the risk of coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Several studies have shown that you only have to lose a few pounds in order to see immediate, positive results in your cholesterol, blood pressure and insulin levels. At the University of California, Los Angeles, researchers put 11 obese men on a very low-fat, high-fiber diet, with daily 45-to-60- minute walks on treadmills. After three weeks, the men only lost a few pounds, but their cholesterol levels plummeted 19 percent and their insulin levels dropped by nearly 50 percent. Several men who entered the study with high blood pressure left with normal readings.

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What is important is to recognize the problem and begin a sensible program to control your weight and to stick with it. You will find lots of tips to accomplish just that in this website.

Keys to a Successful Weight Control Plan

A sensible diet
Diet contains around 1,500 calories a day.

Regular exercise
Exercise regularly, burning around 2,800 calories a week in physical activity, the approximate number consumed by walking briskly for around 45 minutes a day.

Realistic goals
Set realistic goals. Set a goal of losing no more than 10 percent of your body weight. After achieving that, set new goals, another 5 to 10 percent of your new weight.

Emotional readiness to commit to weight loss

A lifelong commitment to weight control

Having a family or friend that is sympathetic to your efforts.
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What is obesity?

How is obesity measured?

Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Body Fat Distribution: Pears vs. Apples

Summary: Obesity and Weight Loss Explained

Risk Factors and Causes of Obesity

Genetic Factors

Physical Factors

Emotional Factors

Social Factors

Consequences of Obesity

Call Your Doctor If

Conventional Treatment of Obesity

Common Sense Recommendations for Weight Management
Summarizes simple steps you can do to manage your weight.

Weight Loss for Life
The key to successful weight loss is making changes in your eating and physical activity habits that you can keep up for the rest of your life.

Losing That Extra Weight: 
Strategies for Successful Slimming

Are You Raising Fit or Fat Kids?

What's Wrong with Losing Weight?
Everyone wants to lose weight, but unfortunately, stepping on the scale doesn't tell the truth about what's wrong. This article spells it out while giving heaps of details for turning things around & leading the reader towards health & fitness.

Food is a Four Letter Word
Food and our attitudes to it are some of the most fundamental we have. They were laid down in our infancy, at a time when we were completely incapable of rational thought about them.

10 Easy to follow Tips to help You Lose Weight
Here are some tips that successful people use to lose weight so that others can benefit, too.

Diet Therapy

How Appetite Works

Fat Content of Foods
Where are those fats? F
ind out how many grams of fat are present in the specific foods you eat every day.

The Glycemic Index: Key To Weight Loss Or Just Another Diet Gimmick?

What Is a Serving Size?

Five Rules for Healthy Eating

What Food Nutrition Labels Really Mean

The Probiotics Potential for Weight Control

Ketones, Ketosis, and Ketogenic Diets

Healthy Recipes for Tons of Recipes from Around the World.

Exercise for Obesity

Calories Burned By Exercise

Starting An Exercise Program

Exercises for Weight Control and for Obesity



Water Workouts

Weight Training



Lifestyle Activities

Creating A Weight Loss Walking Habit
Walking is one of the easiest and most profitable forms of exercise.

DietBuddy - a support group for helping you diet.

Review of Popular Diet Plans

Atkins Diet

Ornish Diet

Pritikin™ Program

The South Beach Diet

Beverly Hills Diet

Blood Type™ Diet

Cabbage Soup Diet

Cambridge Diet™

Fat Blockers

Fat Burners

Glycemic Index Diets

Grapefruit Diet (Hollywood Diet)

Hawaii Diet

High Protein Diets

Liquid Diets

McDougall Program™

The Origin Diet

Protein Power Plan

Single Food Diets

Sugar Busters™ Diet

Weight Loss Clubs

The Zone™ Diet

Foods Allowed in Ornish Diet Plan

Low-Glycemic Index Foods (GI less than 55)

Intermediate-Glycemic Index Foods (GI 55-70)

High-Glycemic Index Foods (GI over 70)

Food Recommendations: South Beach Diet - Phase 1

Food Recommendations: South Beach Diet - Phase 2

Atkins Advises to Limit Saturated Fat Intake In The Diets

Alternative and Complimentary Approaches to Weight Management


Affirmations for Weight Control


Ayurvedic Remedies

Detoxification, Fasting, And Colon Therapy

Enzyme Therapy

Herbs for Weight Management




Imagery And Visualization



Mind Body Medicine

Multivitamins and Mineral Therapy

Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP)


Self-Talk for Weight Control


Sound Therapy


Guest Articles

A great compilation of information on issues dealing with dieting, nutrition, weight management etc. For a complete listing go here.

Book Review: "The Power of Your Metabolism" Losing Weight the Healthy Natural Way
"The Power of Your Metabolism" isolates the factors that force so many people to always be dieting while others never gain weight no matter what they eat. Frank Suárez, author, suggests that the answer lies in your metabolism. His book shows readers how to use their metabolism to lose weight, reduce body fat and keep it off.

Losing weight matters... even when it is just a little!
There is some evidence that seems to indicate that it’s not just that you’re likely to have better blood pressure at a lower body weight, or that shedding some of the excess body fat can actually improve some of your blood chemistry.

How to Enjoy the Holidays without the Extra Weight!
It seems like just as soon as those holiday carols start playing in elevators, our weight starts climbing up and up.

The light on PCOS, Weight Gain and Diabetes
Women with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) are more likely to have insulin resistance, which makes them subject to higher rates of diabetes and heart disease. And most women with PCOS are overweight.

Teens think they’re slimmer than they are!
Contrary to popular belief, most kids don’t think they’re overweight, and if they’re off-base about their body weight at all, they think they’re underweight when they’re nothing of the kind.

New Studies show: Fat Causes Inflammation
Recent studies found that fat is actually producing chemicals that cause inflammation, a key player in several troublesome and dangerous diseases.

Weight and Slow Metabolism: Myth or Reality?
Doctors and other health professionals often hear their patients complain of a slow metabolism, certain that they're just not burning calories as efficiently as other people who eat the same amount.

After the Glycemic Index, now Meet the Satiety Index
If you had to choose just one food for snacking, based on how long it would keep you from getting hungry again, what would you choose to eat?

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