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 Fibromyalgia  Holistic-online.com

Treatment of Fibromyalgia

Common Sense Recommendations 

Eat a well-balanced diet of 50 percent raw foods and fresh juices. The diet should consist mostly of vegetables, fruits, whole grains (primarily millet and brown rice), raw nuts and seeds, skinless turkey or chicken, and deep water fish. These foods supply nutrients that renew energy and build immunity. 
Eat four to five small meals daily to keep a steady supply of protein and carbohydrates available for proper muscle function. 
Drink plenty of liquids to help flush out toxins. Distilled water and herbal teas are recommended. Fresh vegetable juices are very good as they supply necessary vitamins and minerals. 
Avoid or limit the consumption of green peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, and white potatoes. These foods contain an ingredient that interferes with enzymes in the muscles, and may cause pain and discomfort. 
Do not eat meat, dairy products, or any other foods that are high in saturated fats. Saturated fats raise cholesterol levels and interfere with circulation. They also promote the inflammatory response and increase pain. Also avoid fried foods, processed foods, shellfish, and white flour products such as bread and pasta. 
Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. Sugar promotes fatigue, increases pain, and disturbs sleep. If you were taking these as a regular part of your diet, you may experience some discomfort initially for a short period as a result of the withdrawal effect, but after that, you should experience a noticeable improvement in your condition. 
Avoid wheat and brewer's yeast until your symptoms improve. 
Mild daily exercise can be immensely helpful in reducing symptoms of fibromyalgia. A daily walk followed by some gentle stretching exercises is good. If you are new to exercises, start slowly. Do not overexert. If you overexert, it can aggravate your symptoms. Maintain some amount of daily exercise rather than strenuous workout two or three times a week. Once your body is accustomed to regular exercise, your symptoms will improve. 
Remember fibromyalgia is typical of overexertion and stress. Make it a point to give your body sufficient rest. Set aside at least eight hours for sleep each night. 
To help relieve morning stiffness, take a hot shower or bath upon awakening to stimulate circulation and loosen up stiff muscles. Recent research suggests that alternating hot and cold water in the shower may help relieve the pain associated with fibromyalgia. 

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