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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome



Several doctors have reported success using artificial hyperthermia as the central element in a treatment program for CFS . The treatment involves artificially inducing fever in order to augment the body's ability to fight viral infections. Patients must commit to a three-week course of treatment during which they stay home, get total bed rest, and undergo the fever treatment three times daily. 

To induce hyperthermia, the patient soaks in a bath (as hot as is tolerable) for a full five minutes, while drinking a twelve-ounce glass of tepid water mixed with two thousand milligrams of vitamin C. 

Preparing the bath

Fill a bathtub halfway with comfortably warm water. Sit in the tub and immediately finish f1lling it with water that's as hot as you can tolerate. Keep a basin of cold water within easy reach, so you can sponge off your face periodically. After soaking for about 10 minutes, begin taking your temperature at regular intervals. Once your body temperature reaches 102F; usually within 20 to 25 minutes, stay in the tub for as long as you're comfortable--up to another 45 minutes-adding hot water as necessary to keep your temperature at 102. 

Proponents of this therapy suggest that by elevating the body temperature to 102F for at least five minutes every day, the baths increase the number and activity of white blood cells, jump-starting the depressed immune system of the CFS patient.

Emerging from the bath, the patient quickly dries off and gets into a bed prepared with flannel sheets and wool blankets, placing a hot water bottle under the breast (women) or over the liver (men), and remaining under the blankets for twenty minutes. This procedure stimulates a natural fever response and the body will sweat profusely in its attempt to return to normal body temperature. 

In addition to the baths, eat a vegetarian diet made up of whole grains, nuts, seeds and fresh fruits and vegetables. No meats, eggs or dairy products are allowed. Take a daily walk at a comfortable pace, increasing the speed and distance as you become stronger. 

Naturopathic physicians consider that fever is one of the immune system's natural adaptive mechanisms. By artificially raising the body temperature, we enhance the immune response. They report a 70 to 75 percent success rate with his patients who follow this protocol for the full three weeks. Most failures in fever therapy occur in individuals unwilling or unable to address simultaneous disorders such as yeast infections, dental amalgam reaction (to mercury), and hypothyroidism. 

Caution: This treatment is intended for extreme cases of CFS in which the patient is virtually incapacitated. This protocol may also be contraindicated for certain conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or endocrinological problems. The program must be carried out under the guidance of a qualified physician. 

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