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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Alternative and Holistic Treatments for CFS

The treatment goal of holistic therapy is to mobilize the patients in order to expand the horizons of their lifestyle.

The common notion that chronic fatigue syndrome has no cure works against having a speedy recovery of the disease. This implies that nothing can be done to help people who suffer from this syndrome. This definitely is not the case. A person's lifestyle often plays an important part in the development of CFS and in the exacerbation of its symptoms. People who are leading an unhealthy lifestyle are at greater than average risk of developing chronic fatigue syndrome, or of making a slow recovery.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is often triggered by an infection or by trauma. For example, one person became ill after his car struck a wayward deer running across the freeway. 

Also, there is often a pattern of job stress, relationship problems, school problems, excessive time commitments, and too little attention to one's own needs at the onset of chronic fatigue syndrome. After becoming ill, if the victims continue to partake of these types of stressful activities excessively, or fail to slow down until they are comfortable with their lifestyles, then it will be very difficult to recover because stress generally aggravates the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.
Thus the road to recovery for many sufferers of CFS start when they examine their lifestyle and make changes to it top make it less stressful. 

CFS will best benefit from a sustained and multipronged approach to healing. 

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Mental and Emotional Health Recommendations

Almost all the mental and emotional treatment techniques used to treat depression are also effective in treating CFS. The same holds true of the emotional issues associated with CFS. There is usually such a strong emotional factor contributing to CFS that some form of psychotherapy is recommended as a part of the treatment program. Most CFS patients report that their illness has made them stop, slow down, reassess their values and priorities, and refocus their lives in a more balanced direction. 

Social and Spiritual Health Recommendations

CFS is a condition in which life force energy has been depleted and in this sense can be thought of as a spiritual disease. This is usually associated with a deprivation of love. Techniques such as intimacy-enhancing exercises, meditation, prayer, gratitude, and especially forgiveness, can help to strengthen the immune system while giving your body, mind, and spirit an infusion of the healing energy of love. 

General Recommendations

See your doctor to rule out any underlying conditions. There are many other health problems that can cause symptoms similar to those of CFS. 

Investigate the possibility that you have undetected food allergies or sensitivities. 
If you are diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, support both your mind and body with all the resources at your command. Above all, be patient. CFS is a complicated condition that cannot be resolved overnight. 

Giving in and giving up is the worst thing you can do. However, you must give yourself permission to rest. Rest is important. 

Involve your loved ones in your recovery. They must understand that the condition is real, not imagined. 

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Alternative treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be classified under five major areas:

Stress reduction
Diet or Nutrition
A support group
Individual counseling

All of these and more are covered in Holisticonline.com

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