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Knowing Some Heart Disease Symptoms Can Save Your Life

by: Cozee Cackel

You may be like a lot of us and have heart disease and not know it. There are millions of Americans that have heart disease and could take some helpful measures to prevent it from getting worse if they only knew they had a heart disease. After all if our heart fails, for whatever reason, we have a very serious problem. If this happens it's usually a life or death situation.

Our heart has the most important function of pumping blood throughout our bodies, without which we cannot live. Ensuring that one’s heart is in good condition and is functioning properly should be on our high priority list. However, sometimes one heart disease or the other creeps up on us. By being able to identify a heart disease symptom, that could potentially help to save someone’s life.

Heart Attack Symptoms

A heart disease symptom that is associated with heart attacks may be easier to read than some other diseases but at the same time it can be quite confusing since some of the symptoms occur for reasons not associated with heart attacks or heart problems. If you are not sure of any one symptom, check with your doctor right away. If someone is having a heart attack time is of the essence and is critical.

* Nausea, vomiting and/or general upper middle abdomen discomfort
* Sweating profusely
* Heartburn and/or indigestion
* Arm pain – more commonly left arm but sometimes the right arm as well
* Upper back pain
* Pain, fullness and/or squeezing sensation of the chest
* Jaw pain, toothache, headache
* Shortness of breath
* General feeling of being unwell

One or more of these symptoms may occur at the same time depending on the person. Each person is different and there are people where they have no symptoms whatsoever. Learning to recognize a heart disease symptom is not easy and often it may turn out to be a false alarm. However, never ignore any symptom that might be related to a heart attack. It’s better to be too careful than sorry.

Coronary Heart Disease Symptoms

The symptoms associated with coronary heart disease are pronounced such as:

* Chest pain or angina – is the most common heart disease symptom related to Coronary Heart Disease however, the intensity of pain may vary from person to person

* Shortness of breath – this is a usual symptom of congestive heart failure; the heart is usually very weak at this point from lack of blood and oxygen and/or from a past heart attack

Heart disease symptom recognizing is usually hard as many of these symptoms can be caused by many other different factors as well; this is probably one of the main causes why some people walk into emergency rooms, sometimes too late to be able to be helped.

If you are faced with any kind of doubt about a heart disease symptom that you may have, check with your doctor as soon as possible in order to avoid a disaster.

Your health is the most important possession you can have. Learn to listen to your heart and protect yourself from any heart disease by conducting regular check ups and exercising as much as possible. Be on the silent lookout for any heart disease symptom.

By also eating healthy you can help avoid some of the complications caused by clogged arteries, too high blood sugar readings, too much fat on your body and other problems related to what you eat. The media is starting to pay attention to some of the harmful things in food such as trans fats and bad publicity is causing the food companies to remove it from many products. The food you eat is something you can control, as opposed to age and heredity, so try to eat the good foods as much as possible.

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The heart rate is under the control of the autonomic nervous systems, which, in the case of the heart, is driven by adrenaline. As well as increasing the heart rate adrenaline may cause cardiac irregularity, increased blood pressure, or palpitations. It is this irregularity which may lead the heart to chaotic beats and finally fibrillation and death. This is the first symptom of a heart attack in about 20% of people – sudden death – the victim just collapses to the ground. Whilst he may gasp a few breaths he has no cardiac output- no blood is leaving his heart- he is pulseless.

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About the Author:

Copyright © 2007 Cozee Cackel Cozee Cackel is a software developer and also writes articles. He collects recipes that you can view and add your own homemade recipe to. He is also interested in BMWs, Corvettes and other cars. For more details visit http://www.recipeviewpoint.com/

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