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 Diabetes  Holistic-online.com

Macrobiotic Approach

Diabetes - Type I

According to macrobiotic therapy, Type I diabetes results from the long-term overconsumption of simple carbohydrate (sugary) foods and drinks along with the overconsumption of fatty foods.

This leads to chaotic blood sugar levels and weakens the pancreas' ability to produce insulin. Without insulin the body cannot utilize glucose properly, and the result is a high level of glucose in the blood with a low level of glucose absorption by the tissues. The overconsumption of fatty foods results in too much fat in the blood stream. In this case, there may be enough insulin but the glucose gets covered by the excess fat and is unable to pass through the membranes of the blood vessels and cells.

Dietary Recommendations

The macrobiotic approach emphasizes a diet that is low in fat, protein, and simple carbohydrates while high in complex carbohydrates. 

The following dietary suggestions may be used until the symptoms improve or for about one month. Then, widen your food choices using a macrobiotic dietary approach.

Main foods: Brown Rice, Millet Rice, Azuki Rice, Sweet Brown Rice, Brown Rice Mochi, and Gomashio every meal. Chew each mouthful 200 times.

Side dishes (one-third of main foods): Tekka Miso, Scallion Miso, Shio Kombu, Hijiki Nitsuke, Carp Soup, Vegetable Stew with Fish, Baked White Fish, Poached Fish, Azuki Beans with Kombu and Winter Squash, Vegetable Tempura, Deep-Fried Kombu, Burdock Carrot Nitsuke, Takuan Pickles, Miso Pickles. 

Miso soup ingredients: wakame, tororo kombu, scallions, onions, dried daikon, Homemade Age, Brown Rice Mochi.

Beverages: Brown Rice Tea, Brown Rice Bancha Tea, Bancha Tea, Kombu Tea, Mu Tea. Drink a maximum of 2 cups of beverages per day. 

Foods to Avoid:

All animal foods, shellfish, red-meat fish, all dairy foods (including ice cream), all sweet foods and drinks, all fruit, vinegar, hot spices, tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, melons, all mushrooms. 

Avoid vinegar and vinegar salad dressings as they are very bad for this condition. 

Diabetes - Type II

From the macrobiotic theory, type II diabetes arises from the overconsumption of fatty foods.

Dietary Recommendations

Use the following dietary suggestions until your condition improves or for about one month. Then, widen your food choices based on a macrobiotic dietary approach. To be successful, you need to control your weight.

Main foods: Brown Rice, Azuki Rice, Brown Rice with Barley, Udon Noodles. Chew each mouthful 200 times. 

Side dishes (one-fourth of main foods cooked with less salt than usual): Sesame Miso, Ginger Miso, Okara Nitsuke, Soybean Soup, Carp Soup, Hijiki Burdock Nitsuke, Burdock Carrot Nitsuke, Azuki Beans with Kombu and Winter Squash, Vegetable Tempura, Eggplant Nitsuke with Miso, Cucumber Pressed Salad, Shiitake Nitsuke. 

Miso soup ingredients: Daikon, string beans, summer and winter squash, tofu, eggplant. 

Beverages: Vegetable Broth, Brown Rice Broth, Brown Rice Bancha Tea, Bancha Tea, Grain Coffee. Drink a maximum of 21/2 cups of beverages per day. 

Foods to Avoid: 

All animal foods including fish, shell- fish, dairy foods (including ice cream), eggs, meat-based soups; all alcohol- sweet foods and drinks; vinegar; black tea; coffee. 

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