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Homeopathy and Mental Health

By Dr Jayanth G Paraki MBBS MD [Alternative Medicine]

Sound mental health and mental fitness is the key to success in all areas of human endeavor. A holistic approach to prevention and cure of mental ailments is by far the most meaningful and fulfilling effort we can undertake. The holistic approach enables us to become aware of the totality of the person and thus makes it possible to formulate a strategy for treatment. The main elements of the holistic approach are Homeopathy and adjuvant Alternative therapies, Counseling and Spiritual or Energy healing. In this article I shall discuss the salient features of Homeopathy in Mental Health.

Homeopathy asserts that there are principles, which govern the practice of Medicine. From the standpoint of a Homeopath, allopathy studies only the results of disease, and either deny or have no knowledge of the real nature of man, what he is, where he came from, what is his quality in sickness or health. The allopathic observation is in connection with the tissues; they characterize the changes in the tissues as the disease and all there is of the disease, its beginning and its end. In effect, disease can exist without an apparent cause. This is true, for we use the term Idiopathic to indicate the diagnosis of a disease without a cause. This is relative for we know that nothing can exist without a cause.

Homeopathy perceives that there is something prior to the disease itself. Every science teaches, and every investigation of a scientific character proves that everything, which exists, does so because of something prior to it. Only in this way can we trace cause and effect in a series from beginning to end and back again from the end to the beginning. The Organon of Medicine written by Samuel Hahnemann states, " The physician's high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure as it is termed."
The true homeopath when he speaks of the sick, knows who it is that is sick, whereas the allopath does not know. The latter thinks that the house, which the man lives in, and is being torn down, expresses all that there is of sickness. In other words, the tissue changes, which are the results of disease are all that is there of the sick man. The homeopath observes wonderful changes resulting from potentised medicine, and being compelled to reflect he sees that crude drugs cannot heal the sick and that what changes they do effect are not real but only apparent.

Modern physiology has no vital doctrine in its teaching, and therefore no basis to work upon. The doctrine of the vital force or prana is not admitted by the teachers of physiology and therefore, the homeopath sees that true physiology is not yet taught, for without the vital force, without simple substance, without the internal as well as the external, there can be no cause and no relation between cause and effect.

The whole of the individual consists of a body, MIND and soul. An in-depth understanding of the MIND from the homeopathic point of view reveals startling insights. An accurate history and observation of the person reveals a personality that is mirrored by a specific Homeopathic remedy. The law of similars states that if the corresponding remedy is administered to the sick person in the right potency and dose, the person is cured of the sickness.

In order to understand the concept of personality in Homeopathy, let us unravel the female personality of PLATINA. George Vithoulkas, internationally acclaimed Homeopath presents a beautiful, concise picture of the PLATINA woman:

The PLATINA woman tends to be lean, of dark hair, eyes and complexion. The face is usually round with full sensual lips. These women tend to be sensitive, idealistic, and sensual. By nature, these women are driven by a powerful, excessive sexual desire; they try to counter this natural force by voluntary mental effort. When successful, there is no external manifestation for a time. Subsequently, they become agitated, angry and often are left with a feeling of being misunderstood. This is a reflection of a process of conflict between the normal functions and can occur in any woman.

The 'pathological' manifestations of PLATINA show itself distinctly on two levels- sexual and mental. From a young age, the PLATINA woman feels a strong sexual desire, which can be distractingly intense. The PLATINA woman is likely to through herself wholeheartedly into a relationship, with great romanticism and idealism.

The pathological manifestations unfold gradually and certain stages can be seen to manifest.

Stage1: She seeks fulfilling emotional and satisfactory sexual relationships. The impact of the culture in which the PLATINA woman resides determines her situation. If sensuality is allowed free expression, her sexual nature will become more and more out of control and may lead to perversions. On the other hand, when she fights to understand and control herself in an attempt to suppress the powerful desires, she becomes increasingly haughty and ultimately develops contempt for man.

Stage2: The manifestations take two directions depending upon the culture, upbringing and the relationships she shares with people around her. If she has actively controlled and repressed her desires, the previous mental defense represented by the inner contempt for the world becomes no longer successful. She may become snappish, sulky, and sharp tongued. There may be prolonged periods of depression and brooding. In desperation, suicidal ideas appear, though rarely she commits suicide.

If no intervention and relief is provided, the pathology progresses further and there are more perversion of affection. She rationalizes to a great degree and if overall situation tends to improve, the adjustment happens relatively easily.

Stage3: In this stage, a true insanity develops depending upon which direction the pathology has taken. On the one hand, the haughtiness becomes exaggerated into an insane delusion of grandeur. Whereas previously she has kept such feelings to herself, in the insane stage it becomes overt. She believes she is royalty, that others are beneath her, that she is great and powerful and deserving of respect and deference.

To summarize thus, the essence of PLATINA is a schism and perversion of the mental and sexual spheres, in a proud and sensitive woman who has suffered repeated emotional disappointments, leading progressively to delusions of grandeur or aggressive erotic mania.

Depending upon the manifestations at any given point of time, various diagnoses are made such as anxiety neurosis, depression, personality disorders, sexual perversions, schizophrenia and psychosis.

Administration of PLATINA after due diagnosis, reverses the mental state completely and relieves the woman from the dreaded experience she is undergoing. The potency of the remedy varies from low to high depending upon other parameters such as presence or absence of physical symptoms, concurrent disorders, and simultaneous allopathic medication for other symptoms, etc.

Psychologists, psychiatrists and general practitioners would do well to imbibe the fundamental principles of homeopathy and integrate it into their mainstream clinical practice. Mental health institutions will find homeopathy a welcome relief; in situations where progress has apparently come to a halt, these wonderful remedies will revive the process of healing and improve the quality of life of the person.

Homeopathy has wide-ranging clinical applications in mental health care and has to be brought into widespread use. For this to happen a holistic integrated approach is essential and all of us have to place the needs of the sick person above everything else.

Dr Jayanth G Paraki MBBS MD [Alternative Medicine] is a Consultant in Holistic Medicine at Bangalore, India. He may be reached by email: paraki@vsnl.com

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