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Sound/Music Therapy

Slow, relaxing music helps some people deal with the root causes of their depression, such as anger, frustration, sadness or anxiety. Listening to the music for at least 20 minutes each day can help slow down your heart rate and other body functions and can help you focus on your feelings.

Music therapy consists of using music therapeutically to address physical, psychological, cognitive, behavioral and/or social functioning.

According to The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), music therapy is an effective and valid treatment for persons who have psychosocial, affective, cognitive and communicative needs. Research results and clinical experiences attest to the viability of music therapy even in those who are resistive to other treatment approaches. Music is a form of sensory stimulation that provokes responses due to the familiarity, predictability and feelings of security associated with it. Music therapy is also powerful, but, at the same time, non-threatening medium.

Music therapists use music activities, both instrumental and vocal, which are designed to facilitate changes that are non-musical in nature. Music therapy programs are custom designed for each individual. Music therapists work as part of a multidisciplinary team of healers. Both individual and group therapy are offered based on the needs of the individual.

According to AMTA, music therapy intervention provides opportunities to:

bulletExplore personal feelings and therapeutic issues such as self-esteem or personal insight
bulletMake positive changes in mood and emotional states
bulletHave a sense of control over life through successful experiences
bulletEnhance awareness of self and environment
bulletExpress oneself both verbally and non-verbally
bulletDevelop coping and relaxation skills
bulletSupport healthy feelings and thoughts
bulletImprove reality testing and problem solving skills
bulletInteract socially with others
bulletDevelop independence and decision making skills
bulletImprove concentration and attention span
bulletAdopt positive forms of behavior
bulletResolve conflicts leading to stronger family and peer relationships

(Source: The American Music Therapy Association (AMTA)

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