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Meditation is useful in relieving mild episodes of depression. Meditation has a very calming affect. It helps to ease tension, and improves your capacity to concentrate. As you meditate, you also become much more attuned to your inner feelings and sensations, achieving a heightened state of awareness. Rather than dwelling on the negative emotions that are making you feel depressed, you can transcend them through meditation. This kind of personal growth, in which you gain a higher level of consciousness and greater awareness of yourself, can help to bolster your self-confidence, esteem, and peace of mind. Your mind is free to travel beyond the busy chatter of thoughts to a silent, tranquil place. In turn, a positive emotional outlook and sense of well-being can help you maintain good physical and mental health.

A state of pure awareness, in which the mind is free from thought, allows you to find moments of clarity when you feel happy and free rather than plagued by depression. If you meditate consistently, these moments will grow longer and eventually will become a normal state of existence. You will realize that this tranquil state exists within you at all times, and you merely become distracted from it by negative thoughts and illness. By practicing meditation, you can transcend the negative feelings, and eventually they will fall away of their own accord.

If you find it difficult to meditate, try making a tape recording of the following exercise. This will help you relax, and once you are able to achieve this state of relaxation at will, it might be easier for you to meditate. 

How to Make the Tape: Speak in a slow, even tone. Allow pauses between each sentence so you have ample time to follow and feel each instruction. After making the tape, try following it and rerecord if you need space between sentences.

Close your eyes and let your limbs hang loose and free. (pause) 
Let your shoulders drop. (pause) 
Feel the tension release from your head and neck. (pause)

Take deep breaths in. (pause) 
Feel the air filling your lungs. (pause) 
Exhale slowly. (pause) 
Feel your forehead and face muscles relax. (pause) 
Let the frown lines slip away. (pause) 
Feel your shoulders relax and the tension disappear from your back. (pause) 
Remember to keep breathing, slowly, deeply. (pause) 

Focus on the air moving in and out. (pause) 
Let go of the tension and feel your body grow warm and heavy. (pause) 
Your arms are limp and comfortable. (pause) 
Feel the blood flowing through your body down to your fingers and toes. (pause)

You may feel a tingling sensation. (pause) 
Your legs are also limp. (pause) 
Feel them grow heavy and warm as the blood flows through them. (pause) 
Continue to breathe deeply. (pause) 

Let the tension flow away and the comfort and warmth take over your body. (pause) 
The room is dim and quiet. (pause) 
Your mind is emptied of all thoughts. (pause) 
You feel at peace. (pause) 
Continue to breathe, inhale and exhale. (pause) 
Continue to feel relaxed and calm. (pause) 

When you are ready, slowly become aware of your presence in the room. (pause) 

When you are ready, slowly open your eyes. (pause) 

Continue to feel relaxed, calm. (pause) 
Take your warmth and comfort with you. (pause) You are refreshed and calm.

You will find that practicing this relaxation exercise is both soothing and refreshing. It is an easy, cost-free therapy to combine with other treatments in the treatment of depression. You can also, if you prefer, buy professionally recorded relaxation tapes. For best results do this meditation at least once per day.

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