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Natural Immune System Strengthening


Hydrotherapy, is the use of water, vapor, ice, steam, and water at hot and cold temperatures to maintain and restore health.

The skin is the largest detoxifying organ of the body. It also stores specific antibacterial forces built up by water, air and light stimulation.

Water therapies can be used to train the skin to more efficiently regulate warmth and circulation of the body. It can stimulate the immune system, help increase the body's white blood cell count, aid the body in purging itself of accumulated toxins, and produce a state of general relaxation essential to the healing process.

Cold-water stepping, dew walking, dry brushing and lymph drainage are all useful in stimulating the skin.

Regular swimming in cold water is excellent for increasing the body's resistance to bacterial and viral infections.

Take a cold bath or shower daily for a few seconds to improve the circulation and immune system.

Hot or cold water administered externally or internally can be effective in treating conditions ranging from stress and pain to the many toxins, parasites, bacteria, and viruses that can cause disease.

Compresses and packs stimulate the immune system and help increase the body's white blood cell count.

Self-Applied Hyperthermia

This treatment destroys heat-sensitive organisms such as viruses, bacteria, etc. that are sensitive to increases in temperature. It also enhances immune function, and encourages elimination of toxic material from the body.

As a Complementary therapy, it is useful in the treatment of the upper respiratory infections that are a common complication of many different types of cancer including advanced cases of lung cancer. It is also useful in helping to eliminate toxic material from the body by encouraging sweating.

Materials required

A hot tub or deep bath with water at 103- 104 F
A basin of ice water
Terry cloth towel
Pure drinking water.


Immerse your body in hot water (103-104 F) for up to 60 minutes at a time. Maintain this bath temperature for the entire time. Apply a cold compress to the head early in the treatment and maintain it throughout to prevent a headache. Check oral temperature every 10-15 minutes. If it exceeds 104 F, cool the bath and apply more cold to the head. Following the treatment, rinse in a cool shower with glycerin soap and KDF (charcoal) showerhead-filtered water, then wrap up and stay warm.


Take the following precautions when using hyperthermia treatment.

1) If you suffer from any of the following, consult your physician before doing this treatment: 
High or low blood pressure, 
Serious illness, 
Diabetes mellitus, 
Multiple or muscular sclerosis. 
Do not use this treatment if you are or may be pregnant.

2) Watch for signs of hyperventilation. The symptoms of hyperventilation include numbness and tingling in the lips, hands, or feet. 
If hyperventilation occurs, reduce the bath temperature; breathe from the abdomen, not the chest; or breathe into a paper bag until the tingling passes.

3) Hotter water can generally be tolerated for short periods, but it may cause an increase in body temperature that occurs too quickly. If this occurs, terminate the treatment immediately.

4) Stand slowly after finishing the treatment. Be especially careful during the cool rinse in the shower so as not to faint.

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