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Preparing For Whole-Body Reiki

Remove jewelry

Jewelry contains items such as stones (semi-precious or precious), metal rings or chains, leather thongs or a variety of other objects. Many of these will attract energies that may interfere with the life energy of Reiki. Items such as watches create a closed circuit that reduce the flow of life energy. Earrings are especially a problem. The pierced ears interfere with the flow of energy. The ears are very important in many therapies such as acupuncture that utilize meridians and must be kept unencumbered.

Wash hands

There are two reasons for washing hands. First, there is the physical effect of cleaning. It makes the hands pleasant to feel for the recipient of Reiki. Hot, sticky hands should be avoided in Reiki as they are not conducive to the state of relaxation being sought.

The second benefit relates to the aura surrounding the body. This aura may be affected by contact with objects, people, etc over the course of the day and washing removes such influences, which could, in sensitive people, have an adverse effect.

Say a prayer

It is helpful at this stage to recite a short prayer asking for healing and to concentrate upon and acknowledge your aims, self-perception and those of the person upon whom your hands will be placed. The prayer makes you ready to enter into the relaxation process.

Even out the aura

This is a means of gently making contact and starting the therapy. It involves a number of steps.

bulletAsk the person to lie down.
bulletSit beside the person; put your left hand on your sacrum.
bulletWith your right hand held about 6-9 inches(15-25 cm) above the body and palm facing down, move your hand along the length of the body from the head to the toes.
bulletReturn the hand to the starting point using a circular motion along the side of the body.
bulletRepeat this three or four times

This process can be repeated after the Reiki therapy when your left hand can be placed on the sacrum of the recipient.


When each Reiki therapy session is complete the whole body may be energized via the root chakra. The hand is held vertically above the body and then quickly moved from the pelvis to the head.

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