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The Practice of Whole-Body Reiki

Positions In Reiki Therapy

The hands are clearly the 'instruments' of healing in Reiki. The position in which the hands are placed on the recipient is important. However, it may be varied depending on the circumstances. Just placing the hands on the appropriate part of the body is sufficient.

Reiki can be effected through clothing, as the energy will flow the clothing. But many people prefer to have no material obstacles to the therapy.

The Head

The hands are placed either side of the nose, with the palms covering the eyes; the thumbs rest by the bridge of the nose and the fingertips cover the cheeks and reach the upper lip. This arrangement covers the sinuses, eyes, Pituitary gland, and teeth. It is useful for dealing with colds, sinusitis, eye complaints, allergies, fatigue and general discontent.

Another position is to place the hands over the ears, with the fingertips extending down the jaw-line to the neck, encompassing the ears including the semi-circular canals, responsible for balance. The effect also extends to the pharyngeal area. Diseases and problems of these organs such as colds, trouble with balance, hearing loss, etc. are dealt with in this position.

For relieving conditions such as headaches, colds, asthma and circulatory problems, place the hands on the back of the head. It also promotes relaxation.

The Chest And Abdomen

There are many variations for the chest and abdomen; we will only discuss a few here.

The arrangement for the thymus, heart and lungs is as follows: one hand is laid across the thymus and the other at 90 degrees starting just below and between the breasts. The thymus is a bi-lobed gland in the neck. It is an important part of the immune system. This arrangement therefore reinforces the immune system and helps the lymphatics, the heart, lungs and counters any general debility.

Another technique is to place the hands on either side of the navel and slightly to one side. The stomach and digestive organs are the focus of attention here and the conditions/symptoms addressed are the digestion and the metabolism. Specifically, this treatment will combat nausea, heartburn, gastrointestinal diseases and indigestion. Because the presence of such conditions often results in tension and worry, the relief of symptoms will similarly help relieve anxiety and depression.

There are two other positions that are worth exploring: Here, the hands are placed in a position similar to that used to focus on the stomach and digestive organs but further away from the body midline. Approach the body from the right side of the recipient. Place your left hand around the base of the ribcage. In this position, we are dealing with the gall bladder and liver. This position is for diseases and conditions of these important organs and associated problems of a metabolic nature. The liver is a vital organ in the process of removing toxins from the body. Hence this arrangement is very important for healing those ailments.

The position related to this one is essentially a reflection where the hands are placed on the left side of the body to encompass the area of the bowels, spleen and some of the pancreas. Here, diseases of these organs such as indigestion and healthy blood are all dealt with.

Another position involves focusing on the appendix, intestines and urinogenital organs. The hands are placed where the pelvic bones are covered and meet over the pubic area. This is used for the healing of a number of ailments associated with the appendix, intestines and urinogenital organs. It is also useful for the treatment of allergies, general debility, problems of a sexual nature and related to weight. It is believed to reinforce the immune system.

The Back

Here again, there are a number of positions that are used. In one such position, the hands are placed across the shoulder blades at mid to upper point, to influence the intestines, lung, heart and various muscles in the neck and shoulder region. This will help lung and heart diseases, muscular tension, headaches and related conditions.

If the hands are placed lower down the back, around the midriff (on the lower ribs) this position will accommodate the kidneys and adrenal glands. (The adrenal glands are situated one each on the upper surface of each kidney and are important because they manufacture hormones that control a variety of body functions.)


Please consult a qualified practitioner before you start with Reiki especially if you are suffering from serious conditions or diseases

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