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Combination Treatments: Reiki With Other Holistic Therapies

Reiki therapy works very well in combination with other holistic therapies. Virtually any treatment can be used. We will examine a few such combinations to illustrate the synergy that can be accomplished.

Reiki And The Use Of Crystals

Crystal therapy involves the use of precious and semi-precious stones. The stones are believed to store positive energy and they act as a conduit for healing from the practitioner to the recipient. They also believed to generate a healing vibration that acts upon the body. In some cases the stone is placed on the body where treatment is focused, in others it may be positioned on the appropriate acupuncture point. Most therapists use quartz for physical healing, amethyst for spiritual healing and rose quartz to heal emotions. Fluorite may be used to develop awareness and knowledge of a spiritual nature.

In Reiki, three varieties of quartz are commonly used-amethyst, rose quartz and ordinary quartz (or rock crystal). The crystal structure of quartz is often taken to be related to the six chakras and the tip of the crystal to the seventh chakra. Practitioners recommend using rock crystal to avoid feeling overpowered by changes, mounting pressures and the stress of everyday life. Carrying the crystal or wearing it is meant to bring light into your workaday routines.

Rock crystal, held in the hand or between the hands, can also be used in conjunction with Reiki meditation. The energy emanating from the crystal is thought to go into the palms and then the rest of the body via the reflex zones. It is recommended by some in a variety of applications such as relaxation, wound-healing with other therapy and treating particular organs.

Rose quartz, with its soft pink coloration, is used for mending emotional problems. Examples are: shutting out certain desires or facing trauma and stress brought about by a separation.

The use of amethyst with Reiki is varied. It is said to help promote the proper function of an organ that has been under treatment. Placed on the Third Eye (center of the forehead), it facilitates clearer vision in one's path through life. It can also reduce tension and fear.

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