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Welcome to Pet Therapy Infocenter in Holisticonline.com!

Pet Therapy - Introduction

What Type of Pet?

How Does it Work?

Healthy Reasons to Have a Pet

The Benefits We Experience When Pets (Animals) Are Beside Us

Pet Therapy for Diabetes

Guest Articles

Understanding Dog Behavior
Dogs have a very unique way of expressing themselves. Most people believe that dogs have and show genuine emotion such as love and fear and even anger. Understanding their more subtle or destructive cues takes a little insight into your dog’s world.

How Long Do Dogs Live
There are distinct factors that play into whether our puppy will be with us until our children graduate from high school or if they give us a few good years. Most experts agree that small breeds tend to outlive large breeds. The general rule of thumb is the larger the dog the shorter the life span.

5 Simple Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy
Here are five tips for ensuring that you have a healthy dog.

Pets Can Greatly Improve Your Health
Having a pet is one of the healthiest investments you can make to your long-term health and happiness. We know that having a pet enriches our lives, and scientific studies in the last decade, have clearly shown how companion animals benefit both our bodies and our minds.

The Benefits of Therapeutic Horseback Riding
Since the dawn of time, mankind has had an interesting relationship with animals. In some ways, the history of modern man is intimately linked to our interaction with animals. Dog's, for instance, have long been considered man's best friend. Any dog owner will gladly confirm this for you. Cat's, too, have been living in close quarters with man for literally thousands of years.

Dogs And Pets Provide Health Benefits
Owning a pet can improve your mental wellness, reduce your visits to the doctor, improve your cardiovascular health and allow for faster recovery time from surgery as well as higher survival rates. Recent research suggests that dogs may be able to detect cancer on a person's breath!

Canine MD: Six Ways Your Dog Can Save Your Heart
Science has finally caught up with what dog lovers have known for years—that having a dog is great for your health. Here are six ways science has proven that living with a dog promotes better heart health.

Golden Years: Nine Ways a Dog Boosts Your Health
What if there was a simple way to reduce stress, prolong and improve the quality of your life, banish the blues, and best of all, decrease the number of doctor visits? There is! Get a dog. Here are nine ways that having a dog can boost your health.

Canine MD: Eight Ways a Dog Improves Your Child’s Well-Being
Some of our favorite childhood memories involve dogs. But did you know that warm feeling is based in good science? Here are eight ways a dog improves your child’s health and well-being.

Bow Wow Bliss: Five Ways to Meditate with Your Dog
Meditation is as simple as a walk in the dog park. Here are five ways to get started on a non-dogmatic meditation practice.

Active Compassion in Times of Crisis: How Your Dog Can Help
People have a special connection with their pets. This sacred bond of unconditional love is a natural starting place for healing after tragedy, for the victims and for the rest of us, too.

Aromatherapy For Man’s Faithful Friend - Dog
Aromatherapy provides immediate, profound and long lasting results on animal’s overall health and well being.

The Power of Pets
There's something between animals and owners that can be magical. While children may grow into ornery adolescents, pets don't have mood swings or meltdowns, and they never talk back. They're loyal and lovable; and even if we're irritable, they adore us unconditionally.

Eyes Are The Mirrors to Our Soul
I will never forget the look in this kitty's eyes as she looked back at me at the receptionist's counter. We were her last hope. If, as I've always heard, the eyes are the mirrors to the soul, Cassie reflected something to me that day, a vision of the commonality of spirit of all living beings.

The Shelter Cat
Even the most forgiving cat lover would have deemed her ugly, but she had twice the personality of her sisters.

"My Shadow" Pet Tribute Scrapbooking Layout
Create a fun poem tribute for your favorite pet. Here's how.

Dogs - Man's Best Friend
Owning a dog can be a positive, enjoyable experience for the entire family. Keep in mind however, that the decision to own a dog is an important one that should not be taken lightly.

If You Want a Friend, Get a Dog!
Dogs as pets date back at least as far as the days of Pompeii, where the remains of a dog stretched out next to a little boy were recovered from the rubble at Pompeii.

Dogs and Kids: Happy Together
How can you ensure that your child and Man's Best Friend have a loving and safe relationship?

Train Your Dog With Respect
Proper training of your dog should begin when he is a puppy. The first four months of a dog’s life are very important in the training of your dog. This is when they learn behaviors that they will practice in the future.

The Different Breeds Of Dogs
The American Kennel Club recognizes 150 different dog breeds. There are seven different groups in which the dog can belong. They are assigned to one of the groups based on what the breed of dog was originally developed for.

What You Should Never Feed Your Dog
There are several common household items that are potentially very dangerous to your dog's health. It is especially important to be aware of this because, dogs are essentially scavengers and will often eat just about anything they can sink their fangs into.

Story of Appu
This story written by a practicing veterinarian in Kerala, a state in southern India, may provide a glimpse into the lives of veterinarians in other parts of the world. You will be drawn into the central character, a dog named Appu.

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