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Color Therapy Holisticonline.com

Technique of Visualization and Meditation: Projected by Healer and/or patient

An advanced technique is to derive the benefit of color therapy without having the color physically. Instead, the person meditates and visualizes the color. Then it can be directed to self for healing or to transferred to another person to heal that person.

For example, the healer visualizes mentally the feelings and thoughts to be transmitted to the patient and then picture vividly the exact color which corresponds to these thoughts and feelings. The vibrations of the healer affect the vibrations of the patient's physical and mental bodies which in turn, affect the "aura" or the electromagnetic field force. 

There seems to be an electrical circuit from the healer to the patient, and a similar color vibration is set up in the patient, a vibration that affects his mental body. At the same time, the color vibrations in the healer's aura set up a similar vibration in the patient's aura and this changes the vibrations from abnormal to normal. This reaction from mind to aura and from aura to mind has powerful healing properties if done correctly. In some cases, cures have been instantaneous.

Of course, the patient can visualize the color without the help of the therapist. Here, the patient apply to self the same principles used by the healer in healing others. The patient heals self by his or her own mental vibrations, the wave length of which is changed through the technique of visualization and meditation. A person who is knowledgeable in meditation can flood any weak organ with the color indicated for normalizing that organ if he projects that color in his mind before and during his meditation. 

Here are the steps to do the color therapy by meditation/visualization. (Also see  color breathing.)

First, determine the color necessary for healing your condition. Now do the following. 

1. Relax and center yourself. 

2. Begin rhythmic breathing. As you do, visualize energy filling your body and gathering at your hands. Visualize this initially as a pure, crystalline white energy. 

3. Project this energy throughout the individual's or your body, to strengthen all systems. 

4. Now pause briefly and shift your concentration to that of the healing color needed specifically for the individual's or your condition. As you continue your breathing, see and feel yourself filling with this energy. 

5. As you inhale, draw this energy into you, and as you exhale visualize this energy streaming forth in the color you are focusing on. Remember that all energy follows thought. When we focus upon a specific color, the energy we project takes on the frequency of that color. 

6. Continue this etheric touch till you feel this problem is being balanced and healed. 

7. Pause and project through your hands that same pure crystalline white energy you used in the beginning. This will further strengthen the healing color you projected and further stabilize the body's health. 

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