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Color Breathing 

Color breathing is a form of meditation or visualization, in which you imagine yourself inhaling and exhaling colors. It can be practiced in bed before going to sleep, or when waking in the morning. 

1. Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down and relax. 

2. Keep your breathing deep, regular, and calm. 

3. Breathe rhythmically from twelve to eighteen times a minute. If possible, use the color of the spectrum or its nearest equivalent. Imagine the self engulfed by a white light that enters through the head from the cosmos down to the extremities and floods the entire organism from within and from without. Keep this image for two minutes. 

4. Imagine yourself surrounded by intense light of the color you choose. Be aware of the healing Properties of the light. 

Red, yellow and orange, whichever one is used, is visualized as being drawn up from the earth through the soles of the feet to the various organs. The length of time for visualizing the red part of the spectrum is two minutes. 

Blue, violet, and indigo should be visualized as coming down from the atmosphere as vertical rays into the anterior fontanel to the various organs. The length of time for visualizing colors in the blue part of the spectrum is three to four minutes. 

Green should be visualized as coming into the navel on the horizontal plane. The length of time for visualizing the color green is one minute in a waving motion upward from the umbilical cord and one minute downward from the umbilical cord, but always on a horizontal plane.

5. As you breathe in, imagine that you are inhaling this color, and follow it as it spreads from your lungs to your solar plexus and then throughout your body as discussed for each color. 

6. As you breathe out, imagine that you are exhaling the complementary color. 

7. Now mentally bathe the body and allow the entire self to be engulfed in a white light for two minutes. 

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