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McTimoney Chiropractic 

John McTimoney founded the McTimoney method of chiropractic in Banbury, Britain, in 1951.

Mc Timoney, an adherent of Palmer's holistic view of chiropractic, believed that subluxations impair nerve function and affect the correct functioning of the body. His approach altered to a "whole body" one. He came to the view that although the spine was the primary source of misalignments, or subluxations, the other joints of the body could also be put out of alignment by everyday stresses and strains, and that, in order to achieve a complete realignment, all the joints of the body should be treated -not just the spine. Mc Timoney also treated animals with his technique and is considered to be a pioneer in this field.

Followers of the Mc Timoney school of chiropractic use the same techniques as other chiropractors, but in a much more gentle way. They favor a technique known as the "toggle-recoil" thrust. In this, the practitioner pushes the joint in the desired direction with one rapid movement and then releases it. The tendons and ligaments of the joint are stretched by the rapid push and their natural elasticity is thought to assist the bones to realign as they recoil when released. 

McTimoney practitioners examine and treat the entire body in the course of each session to ensure correct skeletal alignment. They rarely use X-rays or other diagnostic tools, preferring to rely on what they feel with their hands.

Mc Timoney Chiropractic is seen as a safer option than ordinary chiropractic because of its lighter touch. 

McTimoney-Corley Chiropractic

Hugh Corley was a student of John McTimoney. He developed McTimoney's whole body approach further by incorporating gentle fingertip manipulations of the vertebrae and self-help exercises for patients to perform at home between treatment sessions.

The gentleness of these two kinds of chiropractic therapy makes them especially suitable for babies and the elderly. 

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