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Chiropractic Medicine Holisticonline.com

Key Principles

The Causes of Illness

Chiropractic tradition holds that much of illness occurs as a result of disturbances in the nervous system. Such disturbances are caused by derangements of the musculoskeletal structure. These disturbances may cause or aggravate disease in various parts or functions of the body. 

Subluxations occur as a normal part of living in any culture. Our bodies were not designed to sit for long periods of time. The modern sedentary lifestyle consisting of little exercise and long periods of sitting, either at desks, in cars, or at home, puts an unnatural strain on the spine and contributes to subluxations. The spine does not receive the degree of daily movement with which it evolved. Modern lifestyles often impede a normal, healthful degree of flexibility . 

Many chiropractors also hold that health is further compromised by other aspects of lifestyle, such as inadequate nutrition, pollution and chronic stress. All these factors together create a situation in which the flow of vital force through the nervous system is impaired at a time when it is needed to be at its optimum. This results in the variety of chronic and degenerative illnesses we face today. 


Chiropractic and many other natural health disciplines recognize that to be truly healthy and alive you must be a clear conduit to your inner wisdom (also referred to as your "source," the "wisdom of the body", your "inner doctor", your innate (inborn) intelligence and other terms).

The goal of chiropractic is to help you better connect to your source so your inner doctor may work its miracles. A complete disconnection from your source results in death; a partial disconnection results in disease or disharmony. Many people are in this state; with less than 100% connection they are less than fully alive.

Our very word health derives from the old English word hale meaning whole. You are healthy when you are whole, unified, integrated and complete - not fragmented, disintegrated, disconnected or incomplete. 

(Source: Tedd Koren, DC: "The Connections of Health")

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