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Directory of Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Tea-Tree Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia)

Other Names: Ti Tree Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Australian Tea-Tree Oil

Tea tree oil had been used by the aboriginal people of Australia. There is a very long history of its use in aromatherapy.

Tea tree is a member of the Myrtaceae family. Other members of the family are: Cajeput, Niaouli, Clove, Eucalyptus and Myrtle. An outstanding property common to all essential oils from the Myrtaceae group is their anti-infectious action.

Active Ingredients of Tea-Tree Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia)










Various alcohols

Color of Tea-Tree Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia)

The oil may be pale yellow or almost colorless. It has a powerful medicinal smell, a little like Eucalyptus.

Properties of Tea-Tree Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia)

Antifungal, antiseptic, anti-infectuous, anit-inflammatory, antiviral, bactericidal, balsamic, cicatrisant, diaphoretic, expectorant, fungicidal, immono-stimulant, parasiticide, vulnerary.

Applications of Tea-Tree Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia)

Tea tree oil has a wide range of applications.

1. Tea tree oil is active against all three categories of infectious organisms: bacteria, fungi and viruses.

2. Tea tree oil is a very powerful immuno-stimulant. It increases the immunity of the body against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The immuno-stimulant action of Ti-tree is perhaps its most important property. This property is very useful in the treatment of debilitating illnesses such as glandular fever, and for people who repeatedly succumb to infections or who are very slow to recover from any illness. It is one of the most important oils for helping people who are HIV positive.

Tea-Tree Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia) for Acne

Tea tree oil is great in skin-washes for acne. Several of the formula for acne contain tea tree oil. If you prefer you can alternate tea tree oil with Lavender and Bergamot.

Tea-Tree Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia) for Colds and Flu

Tea tree oil is valuable for colds, influenza and the infectious illnesses in children. 
For best results, use tea tree oil in the bath at the first signs of a cold or flu. One of the first signs that the oil is working is that it will stimulate profuse sweating. This will stop a cold or 'flu developing. Otherwise, it will reduce its severity and also will help prevent secondary infections. Tea tree oil will fight the infection rather than suppress it like some of the cold medicines do.

Tea-Tree Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia) for Cold Sores

Tea-tree oil is an effective treatment for cold sores. At the first burning sensation that precedes the blisters, dab it on the area directly. If you prefer you can mix this with a little alcohol such as vodka. (See the caution.)

Tea-Tree Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia) as Anti-fungal

There are a number of essential oils which are active against bacteria and viruses. However, not many oils are effective anti-fungals. Fortunately tea tree oil is an effective anti-fungal oil.

Tea tree oil is an effective remedy for fungal infections such as:




Athlete's foot


Candida albicans

Ti-tree helps to control the fungal infections by reducing the rate at which the organism reproduce and by strengthening the body's ability to resist them.

Tea-Tree Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia) for Shingles and chickenpox

Apply the oil exactly as described under cold sores.

Painful spots on the skin preceding menstruation

Some women get large, inflamed and often painful spots around the nose and chin in the days preceding menstruation. Tea tree oil is great remedy for this condition. A single drop of Ti-tree dabbed on each spot rapidly reduces the heat and pain and clears the spot up quite quickly.

Tea-Tree Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia) for Verrucae and warts

Place a single drop of Tea-tree oil on the center of verrucae and warts every day. Cover it with a plaster or bandage. It may take several weeks to see any result. But it is effective in the long run.

Tea-Tree Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia) for Pre and Post Surgical Care

Tea tree oil has been used to build up the strength of patients before surgery. Use the oil in baths and massages for some weeks prior to an operation. Continue with the massage (avoid the immediate area of the operation wound or scar) after surgery to reduce the post-operative shock.

Tea-Tree Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia) for Catarrh and sinusitis

Inhale the oil in a vaporiser.

Tea tree oil at times of Epidemics

Tea tree oil is a very effective remedy at times of epidemics to prevent you from catching it. It strengthens your immune system and help body fight the invaders.

How To Take Tea-Tree Oil ( Melaleuca alternifolia)

There are several ways in which you can take tea tree oil. Bath is one. You can apply it directly to the skin (See the caution.) You can use inhalations in burners and vaporisers. It can be used mixed in a protective cream for diaper rash. There is a wide range of commercial products based on Ti-tree oil: lozenges, toothpastes, lotions, creams, etc.


For most people, the oil can be used directly on the skin. However, people with sensitive skins should use Ti-tree cautiously at first. Use a diluted form. Even as little as 3 drops in a full bath for an adult has been shown to have the anti-infectious action.

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